Imperial’s Director Julia Stewart Eyes On To A Bigger Picture

Imperial’s peerless reputation goes beyond the comprehensive list of Super-yachts built as the company has been so distinct with its approach in the management. Imperial boasts about its impeccable attention to the details in the construction process.
Julia Stewarts, the Director of Imperial, explains how the Monaco-headquartered company has achieved quite a few spectacular, custom-built super-yachts, that are widely recognized and acclaimed. Talking about the aims, ambitions and future planning, Julia Stewart opened up on various questions as she seemed contented and stimulated to augment the Superyachts business.
How has Imperial’s business changed in the last few years as you’ve become known for working with some of the world’s biggest new superyachts?
We have sold more new-build projects and are currently supervising constructions at major European yards. Imperial is doing more hulls in the 100m-plus segment because we have proven management expertise and the specialist knowledge to control budgets as well as deliver the best result for the owners.
Can you paint an overview of Imperial and how it has become associated with so many of the biggest superyacht projects?
We believe in a detail-orientated approach as we are handling legendary superyachts. We leave nothing to chance and supervise every detail. Our yachts are very popular choices for charter because of high service standards, safety without compromises, and perfect technical condition. We have a large new build and operational teams managing over 1,000 crew members worldwide. In addition, we have skilled HR and in-house legal teams.
How would you rank the value of your various business divisions?
Imperial does not rely on one area of business, yet we have a firm core foundation based on the supervision of new builds and management, as well as strong sales and charter departments.
Imperial is smaller than some other companies in your sector. Would you like to scale up in terms of staffing and offices?
We utilise a different strategy as we have less sales offices but more on-site offices at major German, Dutch and Italian shipyards. Imperial supervises the new construction from these offices and therefore has real-time updates and can facilitate the owner’s requests right away. Having all hands on deck is a real strength of ours. With the development of Covid-19, it became even more evident that we do not need many sales offices to succeed but we must have substance and a strong operational core.
What are the biggest opportunities for growth in the superyacht sector in the coming years?
We live in a world where the only constant thing is change. Developments in technology allow the ability to innovative and enhance just about any sector. The yachting industry is no exception. At Imperial, ‘Luxury Yachting 360 degrees’ is not just our company motto, it is what sets us apart. We provide a full-spectrum approach from initial concept, finance, design and construction to management, charter, maintenance and marketing.