Hvar and its least known attractions for Uber rich

Although, the island remains busy all throughout the year, it is still a least known destination for the ultra rich compared to the likes of Los Angeles, Dubai or Ibiza. Hvar, upholding the strong impressions of 13 century gothic architecture, is an offbeat destination for rich visitors. The island is famous for beautiful beaches, rich history, flourishing nature and exotic gastronomy. Although, everything in Hvar is easily noticeable, here are some lesser known amazing attractions that await you for a lifetime experience.

Sveti Klement on Pakleni Islands The Bay of Vinogradice, also known as Palmizana, is one of the most popular destinations in Hvar Island. It is small group of Island off the Croatian coast. There are four restaurants, an art gallery, an arboretum and a cocktail bar in the Island. The bay can be reached after a short walk from ACI marina. Tourism in the bay started in 1906 since the Maneghello family settled there. The north side of Sveti Klement is the source of the finest Croatian wine. The Red and White wines of Andro Tomic would offer the delights of the best tastes. Vlaka, on the north of the bay offers a Roman lifestyle with mud bath facilities and rich wine tasting options.

Jerolim In 2011, Jerolim bagged the title of world’s top FKK beach from CNN. The tiny island features the undiscovered woods of Dalmatia of the Mare’s place at Kordovon. It has one of the best family destinations. There are intricate art carved out in the old tress and even the public toilets bear the signature of arts.

The Villages of Dolac The villages of Gromin Dolac are the prettiest in offering the gamut of rural lifestyle. The gorgeous old stones and beautiful beaches resting the quite country side will wipe all weary thoughts off the mind. The steep vineyards of Plavac Mali that descend direct to the beach are gems of the offbeat attraction. The place is reached through the three kilometer curvy rural road in Zavala.

The Pristine Lavender Forests Gifted with the natural gift of Lavender, Hvar offers a stunning experience of blooming nature. The aromatic smells of lavender fills the spectacular space down the old road from Hvar Town to Brusje and Vela Grablje. The oldest olive tree is in the eastern village of Zastrazisce. The tree is under heritage protection since 1964. According to naturalists the olive tree is 2500 years old.

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