How to Invest on a Luxury Handbag

The infamous Hermes Birkins were in the range of USD 5K in 2005, but now, the price tag has doubled to USD 10K. Reselling such a piece will easily bring up more than 40% of the cost price that you bore while buying it a decade back. Therefore, Handbags are not just fashion; it is just an ingenious investment. However, to transform your investment to a real ingenious one, some high points must be followed while buying the piece. Here are some hints on the same.

Choosing the Classic Design

There are trends that would come and go. However, the classics are always unbeatable. A handbag with a classic design will remain chic for over, while the others in trend would shun after their times. Although style evolves, the designs from iconic brands itself becomes an identity of these luxury handbags. Furthermore, always keep in mind that most of the designer handbags that are worth investing follow a minimalistic approach to the design. This makes them immune to wear and tear and to those marks of time. The catch is to foresee the future. Blowing away with a trend might lead astray. Buy a classic built-up that has not changed since decades. It is certain that the design will remain on trend even in future. The personal choice of design also matters in buying. The reason is, the bag is going to be around you for a long time and you ought not to get bored of it. The handbag should reflect your personal choice of style.

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Go for the accurate choice of Color

Always go for classic colors like as that of the design. Such colors match with any dress or occasion. Do not go for jazzy prints or seasonal trends. Also, a personal feel is attached to the aspect of color. Go for your personal choice of color combination while buying the piece. Past instances shows that black is one of the best options even if colors like Red, Navy and others are trendy. Like that of the design, that is set to be moderate, choosing a neutral color tone has better results. The choice of color is also defined by the purpose or occasions one intends to use the bag for. For instance, some buys for special occasions, for dinner and professional events, while others have more generalized reason like daily use. It is not appropriate to carry around a Louise Vuitton in a formal wedding.

Invest on the Value

Buy from a brand that is well established and has a good history. There is an array of iconic designers to choose from. The names like Hermes Birkin, Louis Vuitton, Dior or Mulberry are on the top. The material as well as built up of the bag is important. Leather is the most coveted material in handbags. Those diamonds and gold designs studded in the piece are surely the central attraction, but the prime material of the built must be genuine leather. Exotic skins have been the most enduring material. Never go for bags made of canvas, Nylon or other synthetic materials. Remember that the structure of the bag is important if you are buying for investment. Handbags with fancy designs might loss its sheen after a decade. Go for structured and standard designs leaving aside the fancy ones. Well, buying an accessory like Handbag with a price tag of five digit number needs some better reason than just fashion. Handbags, comes with a very good reason to bag high prices. It is Investment. Yes, buying an expensive Handbag can be a good investment. The market trends seem to make expensive handbags costlier with time.