How to drink Tequila the cactus drink from Mexico

As champagne is from French, tequila is from Mexico. This special drink is prepared from fermented juice of agave plant, following a process that completes in almost a decade. This is a special breed of cactus grown in Jalisco area of Western Mexico is traditionally used to produce tequila, but now states like Michoacan, Guanajuato, Nayarit and Tamaulipas are also producing it. There are certain aspects to care while drinking tequila right from selecting the best type to taking the shot. Here is a short guide that would make your tequila experience as it should be.

Selecting a tequila

Tequila is not a mixed cocktail. It is best only when it does not contain any additives or other flavor. Always select only those bottles of tequila that has 100% agave or 100% blue agave. It will be written in the bottle.

Although, the purest is the best, there are several varieties of mixed tequilas. A cheaper type is Tequila Mixto, which is an equal mixture of Agave and cane-sugar. In addition, this drink is with color and additives. Drinking Mixto will certainly give strong hangover. Many experts advise to avoid this type.

The next facet to consider is the age of the drink. Tequilas above four years of age should be avoided because excessive evaporation might dry up its aroma. There are terms related to tequilas based on their age. A Blanco tequila if two-months old or lesser. If it is between two and 11 months old, it is called Reposado. Tequila of age between one to five years if called Aneja. Lastly, Extra Anejo is the one that is minimum three years older.

Thumb rule of tequila shot: Lick, Sip, Suck

“Lick, Sip and Suck” is the common rule to drink tequila. This cactus drink is usually taken with salt and lime to match the strong odor and burning sensation. The standard way to drink tequila comprises of four steps.

First is to moist the back of your hand below the index finger, by licking and pour salt on it. Let the salt stick to it. Then lick the salt, which would work to lessen the burning sensation of the drink. Sip the tequila right after licking the salt or while keeping it on your tongue. After drinking, it would leave a strong flavor on your mouth. Therefore, bite or suck a lemon or lime wedge to balance the blunt aroma. Using margarita salt is a good option.

Apart from this standard option of drinking, there is absolutely no offence in drinking tequila sip by sip like whiskey or other drinks. A tasting glass or wine glass can be used apart from traditional shot glasses. If you want a tequila cocktail, Bloody Marys, Paloma G&T are classy options.