How to Drink a Dram? The frolic with Scotch

Scotch is almost a cult for its devotees. Sipping the golden liquid is a real pleasure both when surrounded by friends as well as with loneliness. Scotch whiskey would just make you feel special and privileged enough to be thankful for the times. This special type is known for its unique aromas. It is claimed that drinking Scotch is one among the many arts of Manliness. Scotch cannot be understood in the first rendezvous. Often, it takes some experience to play with it to the fullest. Here's is an introduction. Dram is just a teaspoon of Scotch, precisely, 1/8 of a fluid ounce. However, it is right to ask for a "Dram of Scotch" when you mean a glass of it. Choosing the glass is preliminary. According to experts, tulip shaped glass is the best choice to drink a Dram of Scotch. The shape allows swirling the liquid and concentrates the aroma near the neck of the glass. Other good options are wine or champagne glasses. Take the glass and pour a little Scotch into it. Although it depends on your choice, the amount is usually not more than an ounce. Now swirl the glass slowly such that it forms a coating on the sides of the glass. It would bring out the aroma out of the drink, while you enjoy the color and the texture it forms on the glass. Next is to savor the aroma. Inhale the drink bringing the glass below the nose. In the first inhale, it would be all smell of alcohol. Take the glass away for 20 to 30 seconds to let the Scotch settle down. Now bring up the glass again up to your nose try to get the unique aroma. Scotch has basically five types of aromas like Smokiness, Saltiness, Fruitiness, Sweetness and Woodiness based on the composition and age. Smelling Scotch is a process of enjoying it and you should not miss it.

Coming to the Sip, bring in enough so that the Scotch rinds your entire tongue. It should be less than the amount that could bring the flavor of alcohol. Never gobble, let it swirl within the cavity to develop the taste. This is the moment when you get to know the real taste. Then comes the famous "Finish." It is when you swallow the scotch and open your mouth slightly. This allows the aroma to come out of the throat after the Scotch is consumed. The flavor, in fact, arises after it is consumed. This is known as the "Finish." It is distinct and it offers quite a different feel. Thus, tasting Scotch is complex as it is associated with the delicacies of the process. However, drinking Scotch is a true experience only when you are ready to follow the cults of drinking it.