How To Attend An Event Alone And Enjoy

Attending any social event, formal or informal, in groups, has been a customary affair in the society. It is absolutely normal to feel a bit awkward arriving at a social event all alone. However, there can be occasions when you might have to choose to attend one all alone. One might ponder if it is possible to enjoy the party alone. Yes, is the answer and the event might turn out to be a better enjoyment. Here’s what you have to do to turn all odds to evens.

Forget your Phone

Do not be busy on your phone while at the event. While alone; you need to be open to others’ approach towards you. Therefore, you don’t have to be occupied. If you are busy with your smart phone, it is less likely that someone would dare to disturb you! You are in a social event and you need to socialize through verbal interaction. If your phone is back on your purse of pocket, you would be prone to eye contacts and the real socialization begins.

Don’t pretend that you are there with someone

There is a natural tendency to shun away from the truth that you are there all by yourself. It is common psychology, but you would have to overcome it in order to be yourself. This also opens up the way for others to interact with you just in a normal way without expecting your fantasy companion. It is better to admit that you are in the part all alone and you are enjoying it. This is self expressing and bold move to be yourself where ever you are. However, use common-sense while posing the truth. Do not declare it in a creepy bar or do not leave a fishy impression on the person next to you.

Be positive and learn to say “Yes” Suppose you are called to unexpectedly to the stage to present a song. The last time you sang in public was in high school 20 years back! But, do not say no and do not be adamant. You must surely remember some words or at least the tune of a song, even if you are not much into the domain. Therefore, be there and get on with the time. Grab the mic and rock it! It does not matter if you really did rock or not. The try itself will bring you the applause, it is all for free.