How billionaires make their super cars stand out?

      All of you need to get from Point B to point C. Some get to do in a better style-majorly because they have billions or millions of dollars from their super innovative startups. All these business moguls can certainly be humble but the wealthiest own flashy cars that can be as big as your apartment. While these billionaires are on their spunky hot wheels, others are delighted cruising across, in their regular roadsters. Are you wondering as to how a billionaire car stands out or looks? It is a known fact they will own several cars, and they are expensive beyond anyone’s imagination.

There are many standard amenities and bespoke qualities in the most expensive car that make it draw the entire spotlight. Here are some of them.

  • Liquid deflector windows

The most popular car makers have designed the quintessential billionaire automobiles that actively feature “hydrophobic” windows. No wonder that such cars are one of the best luxury cars which come with a coated glass stopping stuffs like debris, dirt or rain touching the precious windows of yours. It is more like Rain-X that is built-in for the ride without the need for applying it.

  • Automatic trunks that open when both hands are busy

high end cars

When the hands are full, it is a nightmare for most of you out there to open the car trunk. So what do the billionaires do with their hands full of beach stuff or groceries? Because it is the luxury life of billionaires, their car chests open automatically as well. These are automatically-opening trunks which can be programmed for easy access and safety and upon detecting the smart key, open on their own.

  • Built-in vacuums to cater to spontaneous spill situations

most expensive car

Most of the car lovers out there must be familiar with the Shop-Vac, one that makes well-organized vacuums for vehicles. The billionaire car collection has some vehicles that capitalize on this lovely thing and actually have built-in long-range hose vacuum. After all, the multi-millionaires love to keep their surroundings spick and span.

  • Cars seats that give massage

billionaire lifestyle

A billionaire lifestyle is a lot different and luxurious that simpletons like you. They possess the coolest gadgets and the coolest vehicles. Hence, it must not come to you as a surprise if you know that there are cool and warm car seats within their vehicles. Some of them have more than five modes of massage built-in that includes “workout” and “hot stone” modes to feel invigorated and relaxed on long tours.

  • Vehicles that can detect changes in traffic light

billionaires high-end cars

It is hardly a thing for you to spend a minimum of thirty-eight hours in traffic, while you have to constantly monitor the stoplights. Some of the high-end cars are going to roll out an information system ofthe traffic light, that tells the drivers to wait and how fast or slow they can move to the next green light stop.

  • NASA-approved seats for the car

Most Expensive Cars in the World

A multimillionaire's car is certainly going to be the most luxurious car.  Therefore, to make sure that they do not face sore-butts inflicted by road trips, teams of NASA developed “zero gravity” car seats.This helps maintain a natural posture. They comfort the spines and muscles with cushioning. Mind boggling isn’t it? Well, that is true technology of space-age.