Hotel Sky Became the First in the Africa to Pioneer Robot Staffing

The Robots are installed in lavish hotels to provide information regarding front desk services, check-in, and check-out services, by using technology including voice and facial recognition. Robots can perform with a greater degree of accuracy and consistency comparatively to humans, hence the ‘human error’ is eliminated, but this is just one of the aspects as it has its fair share of snags.

The Hotel Sky, situated in Johannesburg made its debut with three robots namely Lexi, Micah, and Arie. These mechanical friends can actually salvage the situation without replacing their human corelatives. Lexi, Micah, and Ariel are designed to deliver room service, provide travel information, and carry up to 165 pounds of luggage each from the marble-floored lobby to the rooms. Guests have the option of interacting with staff members or using the self-service handouts, which are controlled through the Hotel Sky app.

Hilton teamed up with IBM in 2016 to create Connie, the resident robot at the McLean hotel in the Virginia branch The robot tells guests about nearby attractions, places to eat, and hotel information. Powered by IBM’s Watson super-computer AI, Connie is about as personable as a robot can get.

In San Jose Silicon Valley at Crowne Plaza, the robot named as Dash, is all about delivering snacks, toiletries, and other hotel amenities. When called, Dash makes its way through the hotel using a distinct Wi-Fi connection. It then makes a phone call to announce its arrival to the surprise of many a guest. It can even monitor its own power usage and return to its charging point when needed.