Horse Racing in India, a sport for Elites

In pre-independent India horse racing was a pastime for high ranking British officials. It was a sport for aristocrats and elites. This status of the sport is still buoyant throughout India as a status symbol among the rich. In modern India, it is a widespread sport within a circle of businessmen and high-ranking bureaucrats. Since the first race course of then Madras back in 1777, this sport grew as an established business in the country. The Supreme Court ruling of 1992 legalized betting on race horses exempting the sport from being a form of gambling.

At present, six turfs clubs in India operate horse-racing. They are Bangalore Turf Club, Hyderabad Turf Club, Kolkata Royal Turf Club, Royal Western India Turf Club, Mysore Turf Club and Delhi Turf Club. These clubs organize horse races in different times of the years such that the sport is being played across the country throughout the year.

Horse racing has been a good business opportunity for patrons interested in the sport. Also, operating as an industry, it has been a string employer for hundreds of people. Career opportunities in the industry include Horse Jockey, Race horse Trainer, Equine Veterinarian, technician, breeders, instructors and riders. Horse Farriers and Grooms also has good opportunities in this industry.

In India, there are five Classic races. They run in parallel timing to that of British classic races. In late January, India Oaks is on the run. In first Sunday of February, India Derby is on run. In September, Indian St. Leger is played and in December, Indi’s 1000 and 2000 Guineas are held. Indian Derby has a cash money of 30 million rupees.

India as an especial stature in global horse race with winning horse in top global tournament. There are also several internationally acclaimed coaches in the country. India has also produced many Jockeys with record wins across the globe. India has been also the second nation for many international Jockeys, who moved to the country.