Here Is What You Need To Know While Travelling On a Luxury Cruise

Luxury Cruise line opens a new sphere of pleasure – it offers all-inclusive services from customized butler to spa services to top-notch after-dinner ports to celebrity heads or upgrading from a mainstream to a premium stay.

Luxury Cruises takes things to a whole new level – here are a few things you need to know while traveling on a Luxury Cruise.

  • Personalised services with all inclusive amenities

On board the world's most luxurious fleet, you can relax in the comforts of your spacious and immaculate suite with personalized services, including the top-end cruising- savor the flavors of the exquisite cuisine in specialty restaurants and make the most of every moment, without a care in the world.

Few cruises include shore excursions and throws in a pre-cruise night for the guests. Imagine a day, sipping a chill drink at an open bar after a great day exploring a port on a complimentary excursion before an Haute cuisine – Ohh Yeah! – experience this lifestyle of top-end cruising.

  • A Maze

Get lost in the huge maze – you do not have to hustle for a deckchair or to get a front seat while sunbaking or enjoying an evening show or dining. These Luxury cruises possess grand architecture from higher ceilings to wider corridors to extra rooms between tables in restaurants. The proportion of smaller guest ratio to huge ship size is the best combination – you can get the feeling of a private yacht. These days Luxury cruises have come with a super-luxury expedition yacht concept with guest bedrooms, private rejuvenating spa facility, outdoor Jacuzzi, and gym.

  • After Dinner Ports

Top-end cruising is all about enjoying the culture of the destination you visit – right from tasting the delicacies to evening live performances to local night-life. Luxury cruise brands promote a complimentary, private evening event in port on cruises to savor the local culture – live opera performance or romantic dance performance or culture music program.

If you are willing to splurge a good amount of money then go for Suites with verandas – many cruise lines offer personalized butler service with other premium amenities such as top-deck lawn club of real grass and extra-ordinary furnishings that add to the experience.

  • Admire the Beautiful Art Work

Top-end lines hang millions of dollars’ worth artworks in a very subtle way so you stumble across them as part of an elegant voyage – keep gazing at a masterpiece of the celebrities – Picasso or Vincent van Gogh or Salvador Dali. Few top-end lines fill their ships with the natural blooming flowers to add to the experience.

  • Exorbitant Bathrooms

You will experience a king-size bathroom with complimentary designer toiletries. The bathrooms in a luxury cruise are more spacious than what you'd see on a mainstream line, there are facilities like a roll-in shower with a curtain, marble is often used, and the floors are often heated and a lot more that you may have not experienced elsewhere . Along with that luxury lines tend to revel in the high-end brand names like Hermes, Salvadore Ferragamo, Molton Brown, Bvlgari, L'Occitane and Aveda. In addition to shampoo, conditioner and soap, you'll likely be provided with exclusively expensive bath gels, lotions and specialty face soaps.

  • Personal Touch

The top-notch luxury cruises offer the personal touch to its guests – they organize a dinner with the captain and offer personalized butler as well. There are many cruises with celebrity chefs giving away their name to specialty restaurants. What else you are looking for? – reap the benefits of the gastronomy at the specialty restaurants of the top-end lines.

Almost all the luxurious ship includes the specialty restaurants, Wi-Fi, shore excursions, and not to forget – expensive drinks – all free of cost.