Here Are the 5 Most Exquisite and Expensive Varieties of Tea in the World

While we enjoy sipping the cup of tea every day, we really are unaware of the facts of tea – the legacy of sipping tea was started 4000 years ago in China when the emperor Shennong asked his servant for a cup of water and some tea leaves blew into his drink.

Tea- an aromatic beverage is the most widely consumed drink after water worldwide. The most interesting fact is – this aromatic beverage comes in different varieties. These different types of teas are not only enjoyed by everyone but are also very beneficial in various ways. The tea connoisseur will like this write-up; we have come up with the 5 most expensive teas in the world.

  • Da-Hong Pao Tea

It comes as a surprise when we learn the fact one-kilo tea can cost you a million dollars. Yes, it is absolutely true; Da-Hong Pao Tea leaves are valued at around $1.2 million a kilo.

The reason is there are hardly any of the original tea trees left. The history of this tea dates back to the Ming Dynasty. It is given as a souvenir to only special and honorable people and celebrities. The making process of this costliest tea in the world is a big secret as the process is guarded by the Chinese.

  • Tie Guan Yin Tea

The Tie Guan Yin Tea is also referred to as “Iron GoddessOf Mercy” – the floral flavor can be infused up to seven times before it loses its favor. Tie Guan Yin Tea is a type of Oolong teas and is grown in the province of Fujian in China.

It has a great history – the tea name derives from the Chinese Goddess of mercy Guan Yin and there are legends connect to it. These black and green tea leaves that are fermented to give a distinctive flavor cost about $3,000 a kilo.

  • Panda Dung Tea

The Chinese like never before came up with the whooping Panda Dung Tea – made out of tons of excrement from Panda living at breeding centers of Ya’anmountains in Sichuan province.

Can anyone believe the excrement of Panda can be loaded with vitamins and minerals that come right from the Bamboo? – The staple food of Panda. The tea absorbs the important nutrients through the fertilization process and nutrients are immensely powerful. The brand claims the element in bamboo can prevent cancer and possesses other health benefits. To know more- try it out for yourself, cost about $70,000 per kilo.

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  • PG Tips Diamond Tea Bag

The symbol of ultra-luxe, diamond-studded tea bags was launched during the 75th anniversary of the British Tea company.

The most interesting facts – each tea bag contains 280 diamonds on the outside and it is filled with silver tips imperial tea inside. This royal tea bag is sold around $15,000 per bag and is considered as the most expensive Darjeeling tea in the world.

  • Narcissus Wuyi Oolong Tea Box

The history of Narcissus Wuyi Oolong tea started about 50 years ago, with the sale in Wuyi to Singapore and wandered around until a Malaysian-Chinese tea collector bought it. The leaves are harvested on Mt. Wuyi in China. The specialty of the tea is – the intricate flavors of flowers, chocolate and the wood increase with age. It comes as no surprise that it is considered as one of the most expensive teas in the world with a premium cost – about $6,500 a kilo.

If you are a tea-lover, tea professional, a tea enthusiast, or simply someone who is curious to learn more about tea, you will definitely find the list of the 5 most exquisite and expensive tea brands in the world interesting.