Google to build London Headquarters as a breakthrough architecture

Google announcing its plan to build its London headquarters is expected to set off a new trend of building and architecture. The new building will feature only 11 floors, but it will be a stunning 1,082 feet long mega-structure. Such types of buildings are now monikered as ‘Land-scrapper’, aligning with ‘Sky-scrappers’. The difference is, they are stretched horizontally on land rather than vertically like the latter.

Bjarke Ingels Group and Heatherwick Studios would build Google’s building. The estimated cost of the structure is USD 1.7 billion. Expanding over an area of 92,000 square meter, the construction of the building will start in 2018.

The building will be built parallel to the platforms of King’s Cross railway station. The office, as per an official, will be created to offer a complete lifestyle to employees. As revealed in the design, the building will have a wellness center with gyms, swimming pools, indoor sports facilities, and massage parlors. The rooftop will feature three areas with planted strawberries, gooseberries, and sage. A 200-meter trail along the roof will run through four food cafes.

Google’s Land-scrappers will be the first of its kind, but it will break open a new trend of such buildings in future. Per several experts, such buildings would be highly conducive to the aesthetics of cities. It would help better management of traffic and population. Land-scrappers are supposed to improve city life.