Gin is a latest craze, but there’s a right way

Gin is becoming popular again, but experts say it has lost its colonial charms.

Gin almost fell from its stature it had centuries ago. It’s image somewhat became an underdog when it comes to classy elegance. It’s simple and crisp, something for simple folks, who wants to get drunk fast. However, Gin and Tonic have become quite a sensation in recent times when people are seen posing Instagram and Tweeter images with gin in hand. This drink has suddenly become something fashionable with all its beneficial effects and a subtle taste. Still, there are certain simple aspects that new drinking connoisseurs should rethink before showing off their drinking habits especially having Gin.

The foremost concern is the degradation of gin as a classy drink. Per some experts gin just cannot be compared to Champaign, because the former is just not what it used to be. This is the reason, it is also advisable not to use in in public occasions or parties. The usual recommendation is to drink gin as a private affair, get knocked down. Gin is something seen as a thing of past. However, times changes and so is popular culture. Experts might get gin on a lighter note, but the popularity of this particular blend is increasing lately.

Drinking gin in plastic glass is not the right thing to do, glasses with thin rim and heavy base are the best.

A common aspect noticed now-a-days is drinking gin and tonic in plastic glasses. There is a fundamental mistake in there. Gin is not the drink that is enjoyed more in such glasses. Plastic glasses are the last combination you would like to go with gin. The proper way to enjoy gin and tonic is to pour them into glasses with heavy bottoms and thin rim. The shape is delicate with heavier side on the base and thinner rims on top.

Next is the question of measure of cocktail while preparing gin with tonic. The correct way to prepare gin is to pour it first from the bottle or decanter to the glass, tip a bit of ice on in and then pour up the tonic. Also, be careful not to choose cheap tonics, it might ruin the taste of gin. In fact, gin brands have recommended tonics, which are the best suitable ones. Therefore, it is always recommended to use the best match of gin and tonic.

 It is better to keep gin sweet and simple rather than making it a confusing drink with curated types.

A thumb-rule of tasting gin is to dilute them in equal quantity of water at room temperature. This reveals the best contrasts between two types of gins.

Last but not the least is to avoid the unnecessary complications surrounding G&T. There are bars coming up with a wide range of gins and curated menus of different gins. Such an idea would only make the drink more complicated and confusing. Therefore, it is advisable to keep gins as it is; simple and sweet.