Getting the Black Tinge on your Eyes; World’s Most expensive Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the fashion statements that are meant to magnify more than your looks. It is something integrated to personality. Let it be a shiny or rainy day, a pair of sunglasses is what you need to express your sophistication. However, there are glasses, which not only boast about the fashion statement you hold. They speaks how fat is your wallet louder. Here are the most expensive sunglasses ever produced for only the selected ones.

  1. Chopard De Rigo Vision Sunglasses, Price $408,000

It is on top of the chart, produced by Chopard, the Swiss Luxury company. The product is a collaborated result of the brand and luxury gasses manufacturer De Rigo Vision. The price tag of $408,000 is justified by the 60 gram of 24 Carat Gold embodied in tip ends of these glasses. Additionally, dotted gold are trimmed on arms of the frame. The Glass frame is surrounded by 51 full cut River Diamonds that totals to 4 carats.

  1. The DG2027B Dolce & Gabbana, Price $383,609

Until beaten by Chopard, these luxury sunglasses topped the chart for many years. It is quite an exemplary piece from Italian luxury brand Dolce and Gabbana. With a golden frame that holds the brown tinted lenses, this piece lavishly boast of the brand through its insignia. It is in fact, tiny diamonds encrusted into the frame. It is certain that the others would know that you are wearing these expensive pieces where ever they are put into your eyes.

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  1. Emerald Sunglasses from Shiels Jewellers, Price $200,000

The central attractions of these sunglasses are the emerald pieces that took five years to mold into the shape. The design is an inspiration from Roman emperor Nero. It is recorded that the Roman emperor used to watch Gladiator matches wearing emeralds to protect his eyes from sharp sunrays. The price is also augmented for its fine gold and diamond speckled in the frame.

  1. Gold Sports Sunglasses from CliC, Price $75,000

The brand was founded by Ron Lando. The person hold the record of designing the most expensive reading glasses in the world in 2012. This piece comes up as the most expensive sports sunglasses. It is designed by renowned Jewelry designer Huge Power. They are handmade with skilled toil of 40 to 50 hours. Each piece is made of solid gold. The lenses used are Carl Zeiss Super ET Anti Reflective coating on black. The front connection system on the bridge uses a patented innovation by CliC. Only 100 pairs of these glasses were ever produced.

  1. Luxuriator Style 23, Price $65,000

These Canary Diamond Sunglasses is with 18 carat gold plating around the frame. It is studded with 132 diamonds that are hand cut. The lenses are photo chromatic and the temples are made of buffalo horn ivory.