Get Accommodation In The World’s First Floating City, “The Blue Estate Island”

The next best thing to living on an ultra-exclusive island is living on the world’s first floating city. Will this be the new game-changer in the real estate industry?

According to recent news, the man-made Blue Estate Island is coming to the Caribbean Sea and will offer all levels of living, from studio apartments to mega mansions that will be built up on high-performance concrete modules.

Blue Estate Island will create an additional half a square mile of new real estate on our planet. To be exact, the size of the man-made island would be 4,921 feet by 3,280 feet. Once completed in 2023, the floating city will become home for 15,000 permanent residents by 2025, which will find convenience in multiple businesses, schools, and hospitals there. A sense of community will be struck at parks, business centers, and other leisure gathering places.

Homes on Blue Estate Island are on sale now with studio apartments starting at $20,000 to own, and mansions will also be available on the floating city that can retail for nearly $1B. In addition to the perks the floating city offers, it is just a short jaunt from Miami and the Bahamas.

The cheap real estate property, named Ring Level, is a studio apartment type property. While the biggest mega-mansions are named Signature Estate respectively.

The Blue Estate Floating City Island is a humungous and ambitious project that no other real estate developer has attempted before.

But, they are willing to take the necessary risks in other to complete this one-of-a-kind project that will support many people and their respective families in the near future.

The developer has also stated that thanks to the project's natural offshore location, they will try their best to take full advantage of it.

They will do so by creating a business-friendly environment within the island itself. While doing so, they are aiming to have zero taxes and minimal regulations within the island itself.

In addition to being a cutting edge city, safety will be in order with 160-foot exterior city walls to keep even the biggest ocean waves at bay. Renewable resources will also power the island to create an environment that maintains a negative CO2 output.

Though the sale for this kind of real estate has recently opened, construction on it will only start in 2022, and is expected to be completed in 2025.

This means that the majority of the real estate properties that will be built on the island are pre-selling as of the moment. However, there are some units that will be handed to its soon-to-be owners in 2023.