Genesis GV80 will sport the Continental’s First 3D Digital Cluster

The Genesis GV80, the brand’s first production SUV model to get a three-dimensional instrument cluster. What makes the 3D Digital Cluster all the more unique is that it uses autostereoscopic 3D technology – more commonly referred to as ‘glass-less 3D technology’.

No additional headgear/glasses are required, on part of the viewer, to see the 3D images. Continental has achieved this by using parallax barriers that divide the image into two different, slightly offset views creating a 3D image. For a more precise adjustment of the picture, the system uses an interior camera, which detects the driver’s line of sight. Interestingly, the camera also detects if the driver focuses too much on the cluster and warns him, and also identifies potential moments of driver distraction or fatigue.

Another highlight of Continental’s achievement is the ‘Cross-Domain Hub’ concept, which essentially integrates all the screens present on the vehicle’s centre console or dashboard into a single unit controlled by a supercomputer. Thus, a driver will be able to distribute content across multiple displays (by means like gesture control), drag navigation maps from the front passenger’s display onto their own screen, etc.

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