Four Seasons just Launched the most expensive private jet that comes with a bar and an onboard chef

“Experience a luxury hotel in the sky” – Suprised right? We are not kidding here, renowned for the world-class luxurious hotels – Four Seasons has unveiled its stunning brand new private jet. Four Seasons is upgrading its jet service with an opulence – new Airbus A321LR that has a bar and social area. The idea is, if you are experiencing the luxurious and customized service of Four Seasons on land then why not experience the same while you are in the air.

What’s So Special About Four Season’ New A321LR Private Jet?

Four Season – Airbus A321LR is the talk of the town after the Four Season team recently announced the launch of the long-haul Airbus in early 2021. This will revolutionize the way millionaires and billionaires of the world travel. It will be one of the most expensive private jets that will cost you $ 150,000 for a seat. The Airbus A321LR will comprise of a social area – where artisans can showcase their talents and crafts in an interactive workshop. The guests can have an interactive session with wellness experts and artisans to spend their time in a very unique and quirky way. Along with the social area, the guests can also enjoy every bite of the scrumptious meal as well as palatable culinary surprises prepared by the on-board highly professional Four Seasons’ Chef. Let us talk about the other features of the Airbus – it has new engines and wingtip-mounted Sharklets along with the extra fuel tanks in the cargo hold.

To get this extraordinary experience of a luxury hotel on air with a bar and onboard chef of Four Season Airbus A321LR, you will have to wait until early 2021, never mind here is the list of the most luxurious private jets that can be enjoyed anytime:

  • Private Jet 3600 – Low –  One of the most expensive private jet that symbolizes royalty and luxury in a unique way.
  • Private Jet – 720 – Low – Book your tickets now for the thunderbolt experience with one of the most exclusive jets in the world.
  • Private Jet 140 – Low – This private jet is considered to be another ultra deluxe private jet that is designed in a very classy way to ensure the guests are comfortable and can experience customized luxury services while they are travelling.
  • Private Jet Interiors – 2400 – Low – Spending A Bomb To Travel In A Private Jet? then, why not get the most lavish private jet experience with Airbus interiors 2400 – low.

This piece of ultimate luxury is priced at 118.3 million USD.