Following Lounge Etiquettes will get you New friends

Airport lounges are like crossroads where you meet people flying to opposite destinations with contrasting objectives. It is a meeting point where only comfort, rest and luxury are common to everybody. Thus, public etiquette is the most important aspect to follow, in order to assure a balanced environment in an airport lounge. Respect towards rights of others, while maintaining polite behavior is the best policy here. The thumb-rule is to be respectful towards the space, people and their attitudes.

Creating disturbance is the most common blunder travelers do in an airport lounge. This is created by loud talks with co-passengers or talking loudly on phone. It creates a noisy atmosphere as this behavior is contagious. Therefore, always use a low tone while talking in a lounge. There will be people who want a quite sleep after a turbulent flight. If you are accompanied by your children and pet, be careful enough not to get them noisy. Do not let your kids play around like they do at home. Lounge is definitely not a home to your kids and pets. Also, if you want to watch a movie or play something on your mobile, please do it, but always with headphones or with earpieces plugged in.

Act civilized while eating and drinking. Do not over eat and do not get drunk. Lounges have buffet meals, but it does not mean that you would finish off those delicious pickles leaving nothing for the next person. Always measure your food wisely, because wasting food at lounge that is offering you buffet meals is the last thing you are expected to do. Similarly, do not drink too much. Lounge serves liquor, but it is not a bar or a pub. You are supposed to grab your glass or pint and be secluded in a corner, enjoying it alone or with your partner.

Last, but on the least, do not clutter any space. Keep your luggage and belongings disciplined, closely packed in a least space. Keep them away from pavements or open spaces, so that they don’t create hurdle to walkers and other passengers. Also, never keep your feet on tables or sit inappropriately. While charging your mobile phone or devices, be sure that you are not using all the outlets for yourself. Suppose you have three phones, and you are using all the three available power points, while others are waiting on the queue to charge theirs’. You can surely afford to free up one or two outlets for other passengers while charging your phones one after another.

It is always wise to keep good relationship with everybody you meet while travelling. Following lounge etiquettes, you can show up that you are a responsible, sensible and a ‘good’ person. This would naturally make you an ally of everybody. A lounge is a perfect place to make friends, not foes.