Flying in a Private Jet? Know This Jet Etiquettes For Total Enjoyment

Since anything we do has an impact, bouncing back to us directly or indirectly, we must be vigilant enough about our behavior. Etiquette is like the holy grail to avoid unnecessary impediments irrespective of private or public setting. Such an important decree to follow is “Jetiquette”. It is the set of etiquettes a guest is expected follow while flying in a private jet. Here we have listed out several such rules, which can get you best experience of the trip.

Never hesitate to ask for any service while on a private Jet. The cabin crew as well as the captain is there to help you.

On the way to airport or to the runway, if you think the hired jet should be waiting for you, inform the crew or any concerned person that you are arriving or will be reaching soon. This will ensure that they check and cross-check to let everything go according to plan. It helps the jet captain to communicate with Air traffic control and prepare the take off and avoid any delay in departure. Do not worry if you are running late. But always notify early, if you are. Some airlines do have the policy to cancel the flight automatically, if you are late by more than an hour.

Dress according to the occasion. If you are on a family trip, a casual choice is acceptable. For business and client meeting, dress up formally. While choosing casual attires, avoid clothes like sweatpants, sportswear or gym dresses. Wearing a pair of jeans is a perfect choice. Always wear neat and clean attire.

Dress formally or casually but be sure that they are neat and tidy.

While on flight, do not hesitate to ask for anything or to use anything on board. You can carry your own booze and it is perfectly legal. However, allow the cabin crew to prepare it for you. Check and use the drawers and talk to the pilot. While talking to the captain be sure that the Jet is on cruise. There is a simple seating etiquette to follow. While sitting, face forward and chose the seat on the right-hand side. This would allow you to have better view, as the captain’s seat is on the left side. Additionally, reserve the set for the leader or the person who paid for the trip by letting him or her sit first.

Try to pack limited luggage while travelling by a Private Jet.

Coming to luggage, do not overweight the jet. Jet services impose luggage limit strictly only because of limited compartment area as well as size of the door. There are other factors like weight, number of persons travelling and lastly, the amount of fuel for the entire flight that determine the amount of luggage. Try to pack up in soft bags and avoid rigid containers. Most Jets have odd shaped compartments, which might not fit large bags. If you are travelling alone, luggage is not a problem. But if it is a group, this would definitely have an effect.

Now Private Jets are more accessible than ever. There are many services in India offering this service. As they have become affordable, the demand is increasing among luxury travelers. Against this backdrop, following etiquettes of Jet travel have become imperative for better experience of guests and hence better growth of the industry.

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