Flower culture – How Flowers Are Interconnected With Faith

The eminence flowers have achieved throughout the centuries stands as a testament to the time that natural things are bound to be preserved and revered regardless of the generation. Flowers, over a period of time, have established a new sense of recognition and importance in different spheres. Philosophers, saints have always deemed flower as a metaphor to justify a religious stance.


A leaf consists of stipule, petiole, and leaflets.The best time to plant the Rose plants rests between September to October. Roses and palm leaves are occasionally chosen for many occasions. Red Roses have been greatly used for their heavy perfume in Arabic and Muslim culture for a very long time. Prominently, the Islamic Artworks in the religious places are blessed with flower images and winding floral patterns.

Passion Flower

The ideas and convictions about flowers have always changed drastically. Passion flowers per se used to represent Christ’s suffering and sacrifice, also each part of the flower represents a different aspect of the Passion of Christ.
White flowers, particularly, white roses and lilies stand for purity.While the famous Red rose in Christianity stand for love and positivity. Flowers play a large role at Christian funerals, baptisms, and other special personal events.


It has many petals overlapping in the symmetrical pattern. The root functions of the Lotus are carried out by rhizomes that fan out horizontally through the mud below the water. The round leaves are upto 50 cm in diameter. Lotus is deemed as the symbol of triumph. It is linked with fertility, youthfulness, and beauty. It is also usually called as Water Lily. In Buddhism, the lotus symbolizes the highest level that man can possibly reach in terms of spirituality. Lotus thrones are the normal pedestal for most important figures in Buddhist art.


Jasmines are widely cultivated for the characteristic fragrance of their flowers. They are white or yellow in color, although in rare instances they can be slightly reddish. Common jasmine is a vine, and has larger glossy green leaves than Royal jasmine. These flowers are also used as hair embellishments and in marriage rituals  in Hinduism. 

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