Five Grooming essentials for Classy Men

For Men grooming is a way to get confident and classy.

Long gone is the era where grooming was thought to be a woman's thing. Just like women a modern stylish man also needs to groom himself, which has now become a crucial aspect of men’s life. Grooming essentials for men include much further than shaving cream, hair oil and toothbrush. Men’s style is being redefined with the plethora of grooming options for men. It has become a key factor in his overall personality and has the power to make or break his impression on others. Just like man with clean hands and feet will give out his sense of cleanliness, there are other parts of your body that say a lot about you. Here are 10 products that must be there in men’s grooming kit so as to be called a well-groomed man.

Grooming Essentials For Men

Water based pomades are better than others; they are non-sticky. Courtesy: Doc Elliott


Hair leaves a distinctive impression in looks. Well set hair speaks a lot about the strong sense of discipline. Hair is not the first aspect one would notice, but it is the subtlest element of your looks that remains in memory. Hair, therefore, deserves a special care. Quality pomade does the job for you. Water based pomades are the best as they can be washed easily with water. Pomades will set your hair as you like and let your worries escape away. So if you want your hair to look good this is a must have product that should be there in every men’s grooming kit.

Sun Protection Lotion for Men

A moisturizing sun screen will always help you to enjoy the sun.

Sun Protection Lotion

Yes, being sun-burnt matters, and it is what men should be. However, it does not mean exposing your skin to UV lights whenever situations allow. Also, keeping the skin healthy is about self-awareness and caring yourself. This makes a quality SPF lotion an unavoidable item in your grooming bag. There are several brands that produces all-in-one lotions suiting all skin types. Choose a light moisturizer with SPF to care your skin. Men doesn’t care much of adding sun-screens in their essentials like women but it is always useful to add it your grooming kit while you go out in the sun.

Deo for men

Unscented deodorants are the best picks for men, as they make body smell a pleasant aspect.


Deodorant for men is an essential item but is careful not to pick a fancy one. Scented deodorant can spoil the feel and subdue your own scent. Pick some unscented deo that would leave your skin without any scent. Also, don’t make your armpits sticky using just any deo. Use a high-quality product that last longer.

Best Face Wash for Men

 Charcoal based facewash are recommendable.

Face Wash

Pack a face wash with charcoal components, which is effective to do away with dirt and toxins. Wash your face while taking the shower every day. Also, free scrub once a week to make your skin clear of dust and dirt. Face wash helps to control oil and helps to glow your facial skin. The best facewash for men depends on skin to skin. There are a lot of facewash available for all types of skins.

Electric Shaver for Men

Always pack an all-in-one electric shaver in your wash bag.

Electric Shaver

When it is about an electric Shaver, it is the must have product in a men’s grooming kit. It is the gadget that makes you neat and tidy. Keep an all in one shaver that can be used in multiple ways. Body groomer, ear and nose trimmer are important gadgets. Use razors after showers, because this is when the hairs are softest.

If your morning bathroom routine is just limited to shaving with a disposable razor and washing your face with a grimy bar of soap, it’s time you should make some changes to your skincare routine and Stock up these few key essentials in your grooming kit-and give yourself an extra minute or two in front of the mirror—you can keep zits, wrinkles, greasy skin and razor burn at bay.