Five facts about Queen Elizabeth’s White Gloves

When visualizes Queen Elizabeth II, an image with those pair of white gloves is always incomplete. The Queen wears the pair of white gloves so frequently that it has become a part of her attire ensemble. These gloves are custom made by Cornelia James the royal glove maker, who has been providing white gloves to the queen since 1947, the year of her wedding. The following facts about the Queens gloves are from an interview with James.

  1. Queen Elizabeth wears gloves to match her appearance along with her hat and handbag. The gloves also protect her from dirt and damage shaking hands all day. She has been wearing gloves for the past 40 years.

  1. The Gloves are made of brushed cotton and the more recent ones uses Swiss cotton from Switzerland. They are from the Francesca or Regina collection, with custom made length. They are five inches from the base of the thumb up to the arm.

  1. The Queen keeps three pairs of gloves in her handbag. The gloves cost 140 dollars each. The royalty is economical and the gloves are washed and repaired if damage. The Queen sometimes, also uses old gloves made decades back. The orders are generally made once in a year in large numbers, up to three dozen pairs at the time.

  1. A pair of the Queen’s gloves takes around 45 minutes to prepare.

  1. Queen Elizabeth met her glove maker once in a Christmas fare in Buckingham Palace. When she introduced herself as “Your majesty, I’m your glove maker”, the Queen answered, “I know exactly who you are”.

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