Five Billionaire Celebrities and their Billion Dollar Islands

Mago Island, Fiji, Mel Gibson The Australian native, Mel Gibson put on USD 9 million back in 2005 to purchase his hideout in Fiji. The Island is 5,400 acres and is one of the largest privately held islands in South Pacific. The land is completely uninhabited and as reported that the actor wants to keep the island in its pristine form with just a modest residence. He bought it from a Tokyo based company.

Little Hall’s Pond Cay, Bahamas, Jonny Depp

It was while filming the famous series of Pirates of the Caribbean, when Jonny Depp was in love with Bahamas lifestyle. It finally made way for his USD 3.6 million buy of the Island named Little Hall’s Pond Cay. The actor bought it in 2004 to enjoy it as a retreat with his songbird wife Vanessa Paradise and their two children. Depp also announced that the island would run completely on solar power.

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Blackadore Caye, Belize, Leonardo DiCaprio

The Titanic star bought the 104 acre wide land amidst waters off the coast of Belize. In 2005 he paid USD 1.75 million along with Jeff Gram, his partner on the investment. The actor, who is also a noted environmentalist targets to change the island into an eco tourist hub and set off an ecological restoration of the island. The actor is working with developers to create an eco conscious resort. As reported, the island will open to guest in 2018.

Bonds Cay, Bahamas, Shakira

The investment was made in 2011 by Shakira along with Roger Waters, the Pink Floyd front man and Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz. The 700 acre island cost USD 16 million. The partners are planning to develop the island with boutique hotels, homes with private beaches and artist’s retreats. The place was already with a hotel and a large golf course with 18 holes. Developments are underway and soon the island will transform to a grand luxury estate. It is located in the north of central Bahamas about 125 miles off the east coast of Florida.

Leaf Cay, Bahamas, Nicholas Cage

Nicolas Cage purchased the Bahamian island in 2006 for USD 3 Million. The actor is familiar is the land as he has been a long time Bahamas resident. The untouched paradise is with a little freshwater pond, tropical palms and long sandy beaches. The island is close to that of Depp’s. Cage, however, is on pure business out of his estate. The Island is now on sale with a price tag USD 7 Million.

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