Fish in Style With These Expensive Fishing Lures

The passion for fishing can cost you a million dollars – Yes, you heard it absolutely right.  Nowadays we generally hear the super-rich individuals spend millions of dollars on diamond-studded cell phones, antique jewelry pieces, or any other gadgets. Have you ever come across a fishing lure that cost a million dollar? Of course not right? Here we have exclusive and most expensive fishing lure made for the individuals who know the worth of it.

Most of us have a hard time shelling out 30 bucks for a fishing lure. However, there is a million-dollar fishing lure featuring 100 carats of diamonds and Rubies, not only this it comes with 3 pounds of platinum and 14 and 18-carat gold- Million Dollar Fishing Lure – By Macdaddy Fishing Lures – The Lures worth $40 to $1,000,000.

Are you ready for some bling on your string? – the brain-child of these ultimate expensive antique pieces of fishing lures is – Mac Journagan. About foot-long “Lure” comprises 3 pounds of platinum and gold festooned with 4,753 rubes and diamonds, those are more than 100 carats of precious rock.

It’s certainly a perfect example to – “Class Part” collection for ultra-rich people.

MacDaddy has been creating jeweled fishing lures for over 40 years and these most expensive fishing lures are appreciated by the customers around the world.

Not only MacDaddy creates the expensive fishing lures, here is the list of antique fishing lures that offer the special and exclusive collection to the lure collectors.

The 5 Top Most Expensive Antique Lures In Existence

While scrolling down the article, if you suddenly realize that you possess any of the above antique lure types of your ancestors then you can always sell the same at the lure auction or can sell the antique lures on eBay.

  • Giant Haskell Minnow

The 1853 copper sold at a whopping cost $101,200 in 2003 bidding. Giant Haskell Minnow became the highest-priced fishing-related collectible sold at auction. It is one of the most expensive old antique fishing lures.

expensive antique pieces of fishing lures

  • Unidentified First American Wooden Minnow

It is listed as “single most historic and precious wooden minnow to ever come to auction”. This mysterious lure was found in the tackle box of an Ohio angler next to an assortment of antique fishing tackle worth $42,560.

most expensive fishing lures

  • Chautauqua Minnow

This antique lure was made by Krantz& Smith of New York in 1908, the response was not great when it was first introduced. Due to the low response and the cut off in the production, later it was considered as “rare and special lure” to the collectors. The worth of this lure is about $37,400.

Chautauqua Minnow

  • Shakespeare Muskellunge Minnow

It was designed and produced in Michigan by lure maker Jr. William Shakespeare is part of the legacy. This preserved fine Minnow piece blasted at the price $23,100 at the auction.

Shakespeare Muskellunge Minnow

  • Heddon Dowagiac Expert

The antique and special lure – Heddon Dowagiac Expert was invented by a beekeeper and newspaperman James Heddon. Not only the lure but its attractive white cardboard box without lure cost about $1,000 and the lure was sold at $17,600 at Lang’s auction.

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