First of its kind Airport Lounge opens in Mumbai’s international airport

As Indian economy scales new heights, spending power of Indians are soaring high. With this, the definition of luxury is being modified with new amenities rolling out in nook and corners of the country. Among other public amenities, Airline services had a major boost within the last couple of years. Air services are being busier, while flyers are turning to “frequent flyers”. Also, domestic air travel has transformed as a general mode of long distance transportation among Indians. Against this backdrop, airports in the country has also set up themselves on a fast tract of development with redefined meanings of luxury.

 Only a handful of airport lounges offer sleeping pod facility across the globe.

In January 2018, the busiest airport of India, Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport opened a transit lounge. It is the first of its kind in all of India. Developed by Aviserve Airport Services, it is located in the arrivals area of the airport’s International Terminal, T2. The lounge was inaugurated a year back January 2017 and it took a year to make it fully functional. The lounge is planning to expand its tie up with Indian airlines to gain more popularity.

The Lounge is deemed as first of its kind in world. It is offering several services with innovative and new luxury amenities. There are sleeping pods, shower facilities, dress steam press and other facilities that can be availed through pay-per-use systems. The best feature of this lounge is that it offers the complete set of amenities required to change the getup. Suppose a visitor is on a business trip to Mumbai, but his attire is completely casual. The person can not only freshen up himself completely in the lounge, but also change his dress, wash the old ones, dry up and change into business dress in the lounge.

At Aviserve Airport Lounge, services are offered as a la-carte.

Additionally, these services come up at an economic rate, as they are offered as la-carte. Sleeping pod in airport lounges is a comparatively new service. Only a handful of airport lounges have this facility. The facilities in this lounge can be availed through online portal and through travel websites.