Fido Flying? Consider this Seriously

Ensuring a safe and comfy flight for your pet is more than just a responsibility. It also involves a humanitarian façade, such that any animal should never suffer. The first step to preparation for a Fido flying is adequate consultation with the veterinarian and the airline you are planning to fly with. They are ones who would guide you about any special requirement and customization for your pet. However, there are several other aspects you may take care as a general checklist to follow. The same follows for other pets as well, including your grumpy cat.

It is necessary to find if your dog is fit enough to fly. There are certain breeds that have natural difficulty in breathing in high altitude. Pug nosed dogs like Boston Terriers and Boxers are in this category. Heath certificate is the most important document. Get this at least a week before your scheduled departure. Flying internationally with canine requires additional documents like immunization certificate against rabies. Also, the you will be required to contact the embassy to know about any special requirements.

 Immunization and health records of the pet are the most important documents while flying internationally.

General some pre-requisites to Figo flying are preferring nonstop flights as far as possible. Also, try to fly in less crowded routes, as more crowd would mean more distraction for the pooch. Just before a night ahead of the departure prepare the pet for the journey. To carry water for the canine, freeze a dish or water, which will prevent it from spilling while loading. The dog can drink as it melts slowly. Another aspect to care about feeding. Do not feed your dog full stomach. Many airlines suggest not to feed your dog for about four hours before taking off.

Your dog can be carried in cabin or as a shipping cargo. It depends on the size of the dog. A dog weighting up to 20 pounds or about 9 kilograms can be transported in cabin as it would fit in the area under your seat. Unless, you hire a private jet or special carriers, large dogs will not be allowed to travel on a seat. For them, cargo is the only option to fly on commercial planes.