Ferrari presents Exquisite Competizione

Days ago, at a live broadcast event on all of the marque’s social media channels. It took place at the newly opened GT Sporting Activities Department, next to the iconic Fiorano track, to highlight Ferrari’s links to racing. While pictures of the Competizione had already been teased prior to the reveal, the open-top Competizione Aperta was a pleasant surprise for car enthusiasts the world over. Here’s a brief rundown of these special automobiles.

Ferrari 812 Compentizione

The 812 Competizione is an aggressive-looking car that took design inspiration from the 812 Superfast but had its profile altered to improve its aerodynamic performance. As a track-focused model, two things were important when designing the 812 Competizione, weight loss and cooling. Ferrari utilized a single air duct for intake, vents on both sides of the bonnet blade, and arch louvers for more efficient engine cooling. It was also essential to develop a way to cool the brakes without increasing their weight or affecting downforce generation. To get around this, the marque’s engineers redesigned the original 812 Superfast brakes around their new “Aero” caliper, which first came out on the SF90 Stardale, and its integrated air intake.

The Dual Clutch Feature

The engine is also complemented with the 812 Superfast’s seven-speed dual clutch gearbox, but which is calibrated here to shift 5% faster. It elicits 62mph (100km/h) in 2.85 seconds, 0-124mph (200km/h) in 7.7 seconds, and a top speed in excess of 211mph (340km/h). Compared to the old 812 Superfast, the 812 Competizione is been refabricated to make it even more aerodynamic. In the front end, its front diffuser has been repositioned and there are new S-shaped side vortex generators to increase front downforce. It is in the rear however where the most drastic changes are seen in Ferrari’s bid to improve aerodynamic performance. The new rectangular tailpipes are vertically positioned to maximise the volume of air which is required by the larger rear diffuser. There’s also an enlarged rear spoiler, extending the car’s entire width and positioned higher to increase downforce.

Competizione will feature in an Auction

The new Ferraris will be produced in limited numbers with only 999 units of the coupe variant and 599 of the open-top car. These numbers no doubt contributed to their extraordinary asking prices. The Competizione starts off at US$598,567 while the Competizione A costs US$694,549. Unfortunately, if one intends to claim one of these magnificent stallions, all vehicles have already been sold ahead of their expected delivery date in late 2022. All we can do is wait and hope that one of these beauties end up at auctions in a couple of years.