Ferrari Launches the New 488 GTB in London

In the year 1908, Enzo Ferrari, a 10-year-old saw his first car race and became obsessed with the passion for the sports car. This led to the launch of the car company in the 1940s called Ferrari after a lot of hardships and struggle. The brand of Ferrari is synonymous with the term luxury sports car. As in the present day, Ferrari is still synonymous with the branding image of the most luxurious sports car that was ever made by a company.

Ferrari car launches are an extravagant affair and are awaited by the whole world to see. Every time the latest Ferrari sport car launches, the passionate Ferrari clients who include celebrities and rich industrialists from all over the world await their chance to get their hands on one.

Although a lot of sports car launches happened this year, among them the most high profile was the latest Ferrari sports car launch 2019 of the 488 GTB. The Ferrari 488 GTB launches amidst a star-studded evening of exclusive thousand VIP guests and reporters that were invited to witness the unveiling of one of the most luxurious sports cars in the world in Old Sorting Office, London.

Ferrari car launches have always been one of the most extravagant events in the automobile industry since it started making sports cars for the general masses and turned it into a global luxury sports car brand in the late 1980s. The latest Ferrari 488 GTB sports car launch arranged their guests seated in a track-style grandstand and were treated with an astonishing performance of exclusive video footage of the car which also included high tech 3D laser mapping technology. It was followed a unique percussionist performance where the artists utilized the oil drums as instruments of music with a dramatic and innovative laser light display which truly made the latest Ferrari sports car launch, 2019 of the 488 GTB a memorable affair.

The Ferrari 488 has been inspired by the Ferrari 458 which was one of the most revered Ferrari sports cars which had made a huge name for itself as one of the best luxury sports cars to have been built by Ferrari.

The Ferrari 488 GTB launches itself from 0-200 Km/hr in just a mere 0.8 seconds. Although the car has been inspired from the Ferrari 458, about 85% changes made to the car has been brand new including the top of its class 3.9 litre, 3902 cc V8 turbo engine which has been able to create a new benchmark in the kind of architecture on which the car is built. The biggest achievement of the car is the amazingly low co-efficient of drag at 1.67 which is the lowest yet by any Ferrari ever produced. The latest Ferrari sports car 488 GTB also becomes one of the first Ferrari's to be launched without a gated manual transmission as the interiors reflect the look of one of the most luxurious sports cars ever built by Ferrari.