Fake News: the mystery of the Golden Super Yacht

In the history of Super Yachts, a story surfaced about a golden yacht. However, latter it was deemed to be a fake news. This story of the golden boat created a strong wave among the global uber-rich. The story goes as follows:

In 2011, an USD4.8 Billion luxury was sold to a Malaysian businessman. The name of the yacht was History Supreme and it was deemed as the most expensive and luxury yacht in the world. Among other luxury aspects, the History Supreme boasted of its gold and platinum cover. Even its designer was made famous, Stuart Hughes, who previously designed several other luxury gadgets like iPads. This boat was embellished with gold and platinum from the base to the deck, covering dining area, the rails and even the anchor.

The master bedroom of this yacht was made of platinum plated wall with encrusted meteoric stones. Also, the T-Rex dinosaur bone décor made it a truly exotic piece of lavishness. Apart from the gold-platinum made body, this master bedroom was said as a reason of high price of the yacht. A total of 100,000 Kilograms of solid gold and platinum was used in this luxury yacht. All of its 100 meters length was wrapped with a thin layer of gold.

While, the buyer of History Supreme was set as an unknown information, there were speculations that it might be Robert Kuok. The reason behind these guesses was the fact is that Kuok is among the three Malaysian High Net Worth Individuals, whose worth is more than USD 5 Billion. Also, he is the richest billionaire of Malaysia per a report by Business Insider, with a total wealth of USD12.5 billion.

Latter, it was found, in fact, the yacht was commissioned only for display purpose. Also, the images circulated on internet were morphed to make the yacht look golden. Hughes himself disclosed that there was nothing like bones of T-Rex on the ship. What more hilarious, was the fact that 100,000 Kilograms of gold would mean that the boat has more gold that the government vault of Malaysia, a whopping three times of it!

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