Fabulous Polo Destination, Clubs And Resorts Across The World

Widely known as the Game of Kings, Polo is a truly international sport, with top-level clubs all over the globe in some of the most stunning resorts and natural surrounds. Here is the list of some fabulous polo destinations, clubs and resorts:

1. Thai Polo & Equestrian Club: Thai Polo & Equestrian Club is spread across 250 hectares and provides three full-sized international-standard polo playing grounds to the east of Pattaya, Bangkok. The club opened in 2005. All the three clubhouses of the club were designed to the specifications laid out by Mrs Nunthinee Tanner, whose love for polo and all it represents, can be seen in the way the clubhouses are sited and designed, with the aim of allowing guests to be able to watch polo matches in comfort and style. Every January The Thai Polo Open, sponsored by B. Grimm, takes place and attracts between six and eight teams.

Rege Ludwig an American-based polo coach hosts a polo school at the club. His clinics cater to all skill levels and age groups. He spends more than six months a year at the club, imparting his renowned knowledge to a new generation of polo enthusiasts.

2. La Bamba De Areco, Estancia: La Bamba de Areco, located only at 120 km from Buenos Aires and close to San Antonio de Areco in the heart of the Pampa, is one of the oldest estancias in Argentina. It was renovated in 2009 with great care as a boutique hotel, successfully combines luxurious comfort and colonial elegance. La Bamba de Areco also serves as the base for the international polo team that bears its name. The property includes two polo fields and the guest can also watch games during the season, with practice sessions and matches taking place almost daily. Although it is not intended to be a polo school, arrangements can be made on request for guests who are experienced polo players.

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3. Costa Careyes, Mexico: Inaugurated in 1990, the club has 2 regulation Bermuda grass fields and stabling for 150 horses. There are 60 playing ponies for every level of play, on site during the season ready with grooms and full tack. Games are held four times a week – normally Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Careyes Polo Club has been the host for International Federation of Polo (FIP) playoffs with teams from USA, Canada, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic, two Ambassadors Cups, Bodegueros Cup and La Herradura clinics with the famous Gracida brothers. Careyes has also been the home of major Hugh Dawnay known for his clinics and several books written on polo. Players frequent from USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, England, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. Many of the players are Costa Careyes homeowners. Since the year 2000, with the famous Agua Alta tournament, Costa Careyes Polo Club became a truly international club.  The club is affiliated with the Mexican Polo Association (FMP) and is a sister club of the Chantilly Polo Club in France.

4. Kitzbühel Polo Club: Kitzbühel Polo was established with the initial Snow Polo Tournament in January 2003. Starting with 4 international teams and 1,000 visitors in year one. The winter event has established itself as one of the leading global polo events, reaching 8 international teams and 15,000 spectators by 2016. In 2016 the first Polo Club Kitzbühel was founded and continues to function as the official host of the Bendura Bank Snow Polo World Cup Kitzbühel.

5. Coworth Park and Ascot: Coworth Park’s world-class polo grounds are managed by Guards Polo Club. Internationally-renowned, the club brings almost 60 years of hosting world-class sport and polo events to Coworth Park, which is the only hotel in the UK that provides its own polo fields and practice facilities. Coworth Park aims to introduce this increasingly accessible and popular sport to non-players through Guards Polo Academy’s private and leisure experiences, allowing polo enthusiasts of all levels to get a true taste for the game.