Exclusive Resorts And Yellowstone; The Icons Within Private Membership Clubs

In the US, fractional resort real estate is now growing faster than any other real estate vertical with maximum profits in the Industry. Within this fractional industry, private membership clubs are through the fastest growth. Some of the private membership clubs are into premium luxury vacation. The membership cost ranges to USD 4 million as a one-time fee and yearly fees that ranges up to USD 67,500. Some clubs also levies USD 650 on daily basis. Here are the two clubs that are worthy of attention in the industry. Steve Case, chairman of Time Warner, is also the chairman of the board of directors of a club named Exclusive Resorts. Founded in 2002, the club is open to 1,600 members.

The portfolios of estates hold by the club ranges to USD 750 million. Its property includes a chalet in French Alps and five villas in Little Dix Bay in British Virgin Island. Exclusive Resorts membership costs USD 393,000 for a full time membership and USD 30,000 for a year’s membership. Yellowstone Club is a private ski and golf community. The 14,000 acres property is located in Big SkyMont. The club recently launched a new membership scheme that cost USD 4 million for new members and USD 2 millions for members who are associated with the club from before. This membership would offer exclusive access to about top ten destinations in the world. This property includes a golf course in St. Andrews in Scotland, two luxury yachts and two luxury jets to travel across the locations. Most of the luxury membership clubs are reluctant to share their membership details. However, it is being worked out that majority of the members are between 35 to 60 years of age. Most of the members are through their 40 and 50s in these clubs. These clubs only target a very specific set of customers. In Yellowstone club, members are from England, Italy, Argentina, Mexico, Canada and Brazil. For Millionaires and Billionaires, expense on luxuries seems not all restricted to condos, beaches and more. Exclusive clubs are adding to possession list of the rich as the luxury industry is through a relatively new phenomenon of private membership clubs. These ventures have been offering an exclusive range of luxury services ranging from yachts to private jets, private suites to open beaches to its members.