Erin Siena Jobs: Daughter Of The World-Famous American Entrepreneur, Steve Jobs

Popularly known as the daughter of late Steve Jobs, Erin Siena Jobs is the daughter of the greatest business tycoon of America. She is the third child born on August 19, 1995, in California, United States and was close to her dear father. Her mother is also a popular businesswoman who is the founder of Emerson Collective and the head of “Board of College Track” that help most of the unprivileged school student to help them go to college. Her age is twenty-five and she is a graduate in architecture and design from the world-renowned institute ‘Stanford University.’ Incidentally, architecture was a subject that was immensely close to Steve’s heart, too. Erin has two siblings: her older brother, Reed Jobs, and her younger sister, Eve Jobs. Reed is a budding oncologist, while Eve has won many equestrian competitions.

According to reports, though Erin loved her dad, she had a tough time connecting with him, as Steve was known to be emotionally distant from his children. Steve Jobs died on October 5, 2011, at the age of 56 due to a respiratory arrest after a prolonged battle with pancreatic cancer. Erin along with her siblings has maintained a modest lifestyle away from the entire spotlight after the departure of Steve Jobs.

Earning & Net Worth

Erin’s has earned an excellent amount throughout her career however, net worth is under review. But after the expiry of his father in 2011, the estate went to Laurene who still controls the estimated $18.8 billion. Her mom inherited the Steven P. Jobs Trust, which as of May 2013 had a 7.3% stake in The Walt Disney Company worth approximately $11.1 billion, as well as 38.5 million shares of Apple Inc.

In 2018, Erin’s family was listed at number 40 on the ‘Forbes’ annual list of global billionaires, and her mother is known as the richest woman in the world tech industry. Laurene is now reportedly in a relationship with Adrian Fenty, who was previously the mayor of Washington, D.C.