Dubai’s Shape-shifting Skyscraper is a breakthrough in Hi-tech architecture

Apartments in the Shape-changing Skyscraper can more 360 degrees in both direction with voice control command.

Dubai, the global city boasts of its modern architectural wonders. However, there seems no limit to what architects are trying to achieve in this city. Its latest attraction in building architecture is the rotating skyscraper, the first of its kind. This wonder is set to complete by 2020 and is under construction now. This structure is 80 story building scaling a height of 1,272 feet. The wonder of engineering and design in this building is, each floor can rotate 360 degrees in both directions. This capability makes it to change shape continuously. It is being developed by Dynamic Architecture under the supervision of David Fisher, the globally renowned architect.

It was in 2008, when Fischer first proposed the idea of rotating skyscrapers. He believes that an architect should design building that adjust to life, which adapt to space, functionalities and can change continuously as per requirements. Per Fischer, this new development in building architecture and engineering is will change the ways architects thinks about their jobs. Apart from Dubai, the proposals of such buildings are being forwarded to top cities of the world including Moscow, London, Paris, Milan, Rome, New York and Miami.

The shape-shifting skyscraper is being developed with a complete hi-tech package. Residents will be able to rotate their apartments with voice commands. Each floor is detached from each other so that they can move freely. The space between the floors are used as power generating space fitted with wind turbines. Thus, each floor of the building will be self-sustained with power supply generated with wind turbines as well as solar panels attached to the roof.

The rotating apartments are connected to the central core that acts as the fulcrum. This concrete core acts as an elevator apart from being the prime support. Residents will be able to transport their cars and park it next to their apartment using the large elevators build inside the core. The floors of the building are prefabricated units, which are assembled beforehand at factory. These will be attached as movable units to the central core. The units are made of steel, aluminum and carbon fiber.

The building would cost 355 million pounds and per Dynamic Architecture, each apartment would cost from 4 to 40 million dollars.

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