Door Opening Etiquettes

Opening and holding the door for someone is a classy sign of status.

Etiquettes are the only habits that makes a person classy and dignified in the circle he or she is in. Good manners are like grease in social interaction that makes the society run smoothly. Hence, they are as important as maintaining proper communication and contact with people around to avoid isolation. There are two common mistakes involved in following Etiquettes; the first being ignoring them altogether; the second is trying to do or redo them forcibly creating an awkward situation out of thin air. It is always better to be a bit aware of common practices of Etiquettes.

Among other social manners, Door Etiquette is something that discloses substantially about how ripe a person is. It is crucial to know how to follow this manner because it something that happens daily and in public. It is more of a common sense and being attentive of the persons you walk with. Here are the basics of Door Etiquette.

  1. If the door pulls open, get on the door and keep it open while standing aside. Let everyone pass before closing the door. If the queue is quite long and if someone is offers to hold the door, allow him to do, saying a “thank you”. However, if it is a lady offering to help, you may insist on keeping the door open, letting her pass by. If the door pushes open, go though it and hold the door open for everybody to enter.
  1. While opening the door, always follow first come, first serve rule. If you are ahead in approaching the door, you are by default the door opener who is supposed to hold the door open. If you are walking with your boos or seniors, you may go ahead and cross them politely just before reaching the door and hold it open.
  1. Passing a revolving door could be complicate. When you have to pass one, let your senior, elder or the lady to pass ahead of you. Follow in the compartment next to them. Do not rush into the same compartment.
  1. If you are following a person on a wheelchair, ask the person first for assistance. Be polite and say that you would happy to get the door. If they agree, go ahead and hold the door open. However, some person might not like to be helped. If they don’t, it is not necessary to insist.
  1. Always open the door for a woman. It is a general aspect of gentlemanliness. Still, if the woman does not want it, do not insist. Never keep the door open for somebody who is at a certain distance away. It would cause the person to hurry unnecessarily or might create an awkward moment.

Opening the door is, in fact, a chance to show your courtesy and polished self. Therefore, whenever you get an opportunity, do your part gracefully and without any haste. It is a common culture and a widespread social behavior. Lastly, never forget to thank the person opening and holding the door for you.

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