Donald Trump’s Private Helicopter Up For Sale After Election Loss

Former President Donald J. Trump has long been a high-profile user of private jets and helicopters. After losing his Presidency and as he packs his stuff from the office there are a couple things he can’t take home with him like one of his three iconic Sikorsky S-76B helicopters.

The iconic red, white, and black helicopter could be found as a frequent guest on his hit television show and then on the campaign trail leading up to the 2016 presidential election. Now, after flying Trump and his family for 10 years the most iconic Sikorsky S-76B helicopter is up for sale; it was worth $875,000, and is now available to buy apparently at a price of $2,800,000.

The helicopter used by the ex-president is manufactured in 1989 has 6,259.3 flight hours on 19,159 cycles. There’s a six-place executive cabin interior with paneling and a soundproofing system. A floor to ceiling credenza unit is covered with African mahogany and includes storage drawers for ice and refreshments. There’s also a central zone drinks cabinet with three decanters and Airshow display. The floor features custom carpeting. Seats are upholstered ecru and almond colored leather, each with “gold” seatbelt fittings. But unfortunately, there is no WiFi in it.

Registered with DJT Aerospace, a Dover, Delaware-based company, the helicopter is just one of many aircraft in the Trump fleet alongside Boeing 757 and Cessna Citation X private jets, as well a UK-based helicopter fleet. The unmistakable aircraft is registered as N76DT – the last two letters being a nod to its owner's initials and had "TRUMP" emblazoned on the rear fuselage, though promotional material shows the lettering removed. The Sikorsky S-76 is the epitome of a VIP helicopter preferred by charter operators and celebrities alike. Besides Trump, the S-76 can be found in the fleet of Queen Elizabeth II of England and was the helicopter of choice for the late Kobe Bryant famous American basketball player.

According to sources, it’s hard to say how much tail number N-76DT will sell for. As one of industry executive said the COVID-19 pandemic had pushed down the price of helicopters.