Different types of coffee – The most flexible drink in the World

Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world. It dates back to 15th century.

Among all beverages, coffee is the most popular and the most consumed. Interestingly, it is also among the most controversial drinks. Many regard this drink beneficial to health, while others complain about its ill effects on body metabolism. Still, coffee is undeniably the second most consumed drink in world after water, sharing the dais together with tea. Coffee dates back to 15th century originating in East Africa and now it is a part of popular culture around the world. The drink evolved as various types, multiplying itself in different tastes. Their types depend on their origin, method of preparation and ingredients. Cafes offer many different varieties of this beverage making the exact number of their types highly ambiguous.

Why there are numerous coffee types?

Coffee types are basically based on brewing method and ingredients. Traditionally, the drink is made of ground coffee beans brewed in hot water. Now, brewing can be done is variety of ways defining the coffee type. When brewing is done slowly by drip or filtering, using percolator, press and so on, it is called coffee. And when brewing is done quickly under pressure, it is called espresso. The latter came into being after the invention of coffee machines by Gaggia, the Italian company. With it, types like latte, cappuccino and others became popular.

Expresso is brewed coffee in high pressure. It is done quickly using the coffee machine.

The common Espressos

There are six common types of espresso coffee which everyone should know. The types are decided as per their prime content and composition, comprising of milk, milk foam, chocolate syrup and water. They are Cappuccino, Americano, Espresso, Macchiato, Mocha and Latte. In Cappuccino comprise of equal quantity of Expresso, milk and milk foam. It should be noted that under these types there are many subtypes based on choice and quality of ingredients.

Americano has half expresso, around 40 percent water and the little milk. Expresso, as the name suggest, comprise of 80 percent of it and 20 percent water. Macchiato has a little expresso and more foam. Mocha is sweet due to the chocolate syrup in it along with more milk. It contains only a little amount of espresso. In Latte, one fourth is espresso and one-third is milk.

Brewed Coffees

Brewed coffee is prepared by passing hot water over roasted ground coffee. As water passes through, it washes the flavor and essence of beans collecting it in a pot or vessel. The filter can be prepared with paper, clothes or fine mesh of wires. In 1929, Italian designer Attilio Calimani invented a coffee press pot, which latter became popular as French Press. There are two beakers in this pot. Coffee is brewed by placing grind beans in the upper beaker with hot water. It is pressed after a couple of minutes with a plunger to collect the liquid at the lower beaker.

Turkish Coffee is a boiled coffee type that evolved as a cultural heritage.

Boiling the beans

Another method of preparing coffee is by boiling the beans. It is done by using coffee percolator, where brewing is done by boiling the brew over an over. By 1970s, percolators were replaced by coffee makers. The Turkish coffee and Moka are popular types of boiled coffee. Turkish coffee is an UNESCO confirmed Intangible Cultural Heritage of Turkey. Here, beans are grinded to fine powders, which is then immersed in water. It is then boiled producing maximum foam. On boiling longer time, the foam becomes less. Moka is brewed with a moka pot. It was first produced by Bialetti in Italy in 1930s. The pot is a stovetop coffee maker that produces coffee by passing hot water through beans at lower pressure than espresso. The method can extract flavor and caffeine more efficiently.

Coffee mixed with alcohol is popular in European countries and Russia.

Types based on ingredients

Combination of ingredients also determines coffee types. It is prepared with milk, espresso, tea and even with alcohol. There are many kinds of coffee with milk. The common varieties are Antoccino, Breve, Café au lait, Cappucino, Cortado, Latte and many more. Coffee with espresso has high caffeine content. Some common types are Red Eye, Shot in the dark, Turbo by Dunkin Donuts and many more. Black tie, Red Tie, Yuanyang, are some types of Coffee prepared with tea. Coffee mixed with alcohol are also called liqueur coffee. Irish Coffee, Karsk or Coffee with moonshine, Pharisaer from Nordfriesland of Germany, Carajillo from Spain are famous Alcoholic coffee types.

Coffee is among the most flexible drinks, which is also the reason of his popularity as well as diversity. It is something that blends with milk as well as alcohol. This beverage is prepared with many customized ingredients diversifying their types. Most cafes across the world prepares their own trademark coffee types adding to the evolution of this drink.

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