Deepspot: The Deepest Swimming Pool In The World!

Those who are interested in going deeper than the average depths, Poland is opening the world's deepest swimming pool with a depth of 148 feet (45 metres) and a water volume equivalent to 27 Olympic-size swimming pools with artificial underwater caves and Mayan ruins. Some 5,000 cubic metres of concrete were used to build this pool and it took over two years in constructing this pool and it cost around 40 million zloty (US$10.6 million).

The complex, named Deepspot, who opened its doors to the public in the central Polish town of Mszczonow, about 25 miles (40 kilometres) from the capital Warsaw, and includes a small wreck for scuba and free divers to explore. The pool has 8,000 cubic metres of water, which is, more than 20 times in comparison to the amount in an ordinary 25-metre pool.

Unlike regular swimming pools, Deepspot can accommodate customers during the coronavirus pandemic because it is considered a training centre for divers. It is accessible to scuba divers and other members. It includes an underwater tunnel, hotel rooms overlooking the pool, as well as restaurants and conference rooms. A hotel with rooms from which guests will be able to watch divers at a depth of five metres is also planned.

Around a dozen customers came on the first day, including eight seasoned divers who hoped to pass an exam to become instructors.

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'There are no magnificent fish or coral reefs here so it is no substitute for the sea but it is definitely a good place to learn and to train in order to dive safely in open water," said Przemyslaw Kacprzak, a 39-year-old diving instructor. 'And it's fun! It's like a kindergarten for divers!'

Jerzy Nowacki, a 30-year-old forestry officer and diving novice, said: "For my first time, we went down five metres but you can see all the way to the bottom — the wreck, the caves — it's magnificent!"

Deepspot director Michal Braszczynski, a 47-year-old diving enthusiast, said the pool "will also be used by the fire brigade and the army. There are many scenarios for training and we can also test different equipment. It's the world's deepest pool".  

Earlier, Montegrotto Terme in Italy holds the Guinness world record, which is 42 metres deep. Deepspot breaks the record of Montegrotto Terme and become the world's deepest pool. Now, Britain is planning to open the Blue Abyss pool in 2021, which will be 50 metres deep.