Cold Attitude Prevails At Saint Laurent

Anthony Vaccarello’s runway shows for Saint Laurent have always been an attraction for its magnitude, and forte at staging a monumental show is widely known around the fashion world.

Under Slimane Saint Laurent plans to continue to expand its presence in the United States, opening new stores in the resort locations of Bal Harbour, Florida, and Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as a planned store for Washington, D.C.

 “I think of everything when I begin a collection, but I don’t set out to make a Saint Laurent collection,” he said over coffee one morning a few weeks earlier in New York. “The weight of the house is so heavy that I would be blocked.” he continued, “when you’re inside the house, you don’t think about it. I think it’s mostly in the eyes of other people. Everyone has a vision of what they think Saint Laurent should be, and that’s something I knew when I started. I knew that whatever I did, some people would love it and some would hate it. It was the same with Hedi, and Stefano [Pilati] before him. I’m fine with it. In fact, I kind of love it.” he said about Saint Laurent.

Vaccarello rocks the bourgeois rules with a ’60s inspired eye-catching look with colors running from purple and pink, to red and brown. Vaccarello said in a statement: “It’s the ’60s shape with the colors of the 80s.”

The range is revealed through a movie titled “Where The Silver Wind Blows”, with a majestic setting that includes a majestic waterfall, floating iceberg and a steep cliff.

Vaccarello introduced his new collection to the Maison. The pandemic forced many other brands to rethink their marketing strategies, fashion movies have become a spark of hope for brands to stay connected with their fans. This indirect travel opportunity relieves a lot of necessity from the mundane lifestyle. This film is also a form of escape for us living in Singapore, the harsh weather and misty conditions surrounding the well-dressed models are the complete opposite of the sweltering heat here. We can’t wait to get a taste of winter no less in Saint Laurent.

Regarding thinking process behind the collection, Vaccarello said, “Serious matters cause you to take other things less seriously, finding balance while maintaining an advantage sophisticated talent.” However, one cannot help but wonder if the collection is subtly disparaging the grandeur of the landscape with its skimpy dresses, inviting us to question what is the true definition of luxury. “I like to play with those limits,” says Vaccarello. “It is very French to draw the line between good and bad.”