China Does It Again, Launches The World’s Fastest Driverless Bullet Train With Some Extra Ordinary Features Onboard

Introduced in time of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, China launched driverless bullet train with world’s fastest speeds up to 350 Kmph. The train will connect China capital Beijing to Zhangjiakou has just entered service, cutting the travel time between the two from three hours to 47 minutes. But this isn’t just another bullet train.

The route will stop at 10 stations, including Badaling Chang Cheng, the most popular section of China’s Great Wall; also many of stations will be close to the venues of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. It features carriages with 5G signals; wireless charging docks, and intelligent lighting, along with a storage system that has been designed specially to meet the needs of athletes. The train has an extra ordinary feature; there are 2,718 sensors to get real-time data of any operational difficulties. The train is fitted with ample storage areas for winter sports gear, a high-tech “2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Express” to broadcast the games live, as well as removable seats for athletes/ passengers traveling with wheelchairs during the 2022 Winter Paralympics.

If this wasn’t all, the smart train will be further be accompanied by AI-powered robots at the station to help passengers with directions, luggage and facial recognition check-ins. China’s Jing-Zhang high-speed railway is expected to bring out increased efficiency for the commuters, promote China’s winter sports, and also boost the country’s overall economy. If you wish to travel onboard the world’s first driverless bullet train, a visit to China is what you need next!