Celebrate life’s triumphant moments: Pick the best champagne for your occasion

Champagne becomes the choice for celebrations. Whether you're celebrating a loved one's success, toasting with your besties, or dammit, you're just really feeling yourself and looking for a little something special to sip as you dine, Champagne always brings the cheer.

With an incredible range of Champagne options and price tags to choose from, picking the right gold standard sparkler can often be overwhelming. In order to find the ideal bottle of bubbly for your special occasion, we uncork the best Champagne brands in the world in 2019 that are sure to please every palate.

1. Moët & Chandon

Moët et Chandon was established in 1743 and is one of the most widely-known and beloved Champagne houses in the world. With 1,190 hectares (2,900 acres) of vines—the most extensive vineyards in France’s Champagne region— Moët & Chandon blends heritage with Savoir-Fête or celebration know-how for an event that is 100% glamour. It is the bestselling Champagne in the world. The House’s most iconic Champagne, Moët has toasted Hollywood’s brightest superstars and played a starring role on-screen in some of the most memorable movies, from Pretty Woman to The Great Gatsby.

Best Champagne for: Party favours, bridal showers, engagement celebrations, and brunch parties

2. Veuve Clicquot

One of the most recognizable names in the world of premium Champagne, with its iconic, unmistakable yellow label, Maison Veuve Clicquot has been producing luxury champagnes since 1772.  It is loved for its rich and toasty flavours… and highly instagrammable qualities.

Best Champagne for: Festivities and a romantic picnic in the park

3. Dom Pérignon

Dom Pérignon is the prestige cuvée of Champagne produced by Moët & Chandon. t is named after Dom Pierre Pérignon, a Benedictine monk who was an important quality pioneer for Champagne wine. A French classic, Dom Pérignon is the most celebrated brand of vintage —vintages are produced using the best grapes grown in a single year— Champagne in the world. For the royal wedding of Lady Diana to Prince Charles Dom Pérignon was the Champagne of choice.

Best Champagne for: A memorable gift (for weddings, Valentine’s Day, special anniversaries or milestone achievements)

4. Nicolas Feuillatte

Nicolas Feuillatte is one of the bestselling Champagne brands in France. Nicolas Feuillatte tasted light, fruity, and refreshing.

Unlike most of the world’s beloved, centuries-old champagnes, Nicolas Feuillatte is a relatively young Champagne brand — the blue label was founded in 1976.  Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne bottles are both approachable and affordable.

Best Champagne for: Family get-togethers

5. G.H. Mumm

Established in Reims in northern France, the Champagne house G.H. Mumm and its iconic red ribbon are considered by many to be the quintessential gastronomy Champagne, found at the tables of the finest chefs.

Mumm is also famous for its regular appearances on Formula 1 podiums and its penchant for sponsoring luxury sporting events.

Best Champagne for: Five-star dining

6. Laurent-Perrier

Laurent-Perrier is one of Champagne’s most famous houses founded in 1812, and synonymous with an art de vivre à la française. Maison Laurent-Perrier is known for its finesse, lightness, and elegance. A “healthy” sparkler— kind of. A low-calorie Champagne brand, Laurent-Perrier is a fashion A-listers’ favourite.

Best Champagne for: Corporate functions and A-list aperitifs