Breaking Jewelry Trends this summer

Jewelry trends suggest that the pieces are getting bigger and bigger, lately, necklaces reaching the limits that cover the whole chest. While, following similar trend, earrings have become bigger the size of earlobes and bracelets covering the wrists completely. However, this summer season, jewelries are getting smaller. The reason behind this is the emergence of minimal designs in fashion trends. The inclination is towards finessed styles. However, divas should understand that the trends do not necessarily mean their choice of fashion. Style is always about personal statement and fashion gurus only note what is going on around. Below are stated the three top Jewelry trends this summer.

Minimalist Design

The emerging style statement depicts what is called “Simplified Luxury.” Designs like chain earrings with a single pearl by Salvatore Ferragamo and Sacai’s are warming up. Metal hoop earrings are put forwarded by Versace and Rage & Bone, while Giambattista Valli and others are going for long and understated pendant chains. Simple and minimal design is the underlining trait this summer. It’s all about the statement “Simple is Beautiful.”

The Layers in Design

The new design that has hit the fashion trend is layered structure, which is basically a replacement of large necklaces covering the whole chest that were trendier earlier. The wavy element in design and interlinking of chains from designers like Chanel and J.W. Anderson underlines the layered formations in their pieces. In the show by Calvin Klein and Alexander McQueen, in New York, web of chains and multilayered jewelries received a new boost. Apart from chains as necklaces, stackable rings and lengthy sautoirs in two or three layers are trending. The emergence layered design may be due to a transformation driven by the season; the transition from winters to summers.

Bold Contrasting buildups

The trend is a perfect example of ingenuity in modern designers. They are blending the classics to form up a contemporary built up in jewelries. The combinations of bold and contrasting layouts are transforming common designs into attractions that can allure. Designers like Carrera y Carrera, Antonini and Buccellati are finding new ways to combine simple metals with gold. As stated by Paola de Luca, creative director of an Italy based Jewelry designing house, the driving factor for minimal designs in Jewelry is the increasing complexity of life. Furthermore, the heritage is now pressurized by globalization; bringing us back to our traditional allurements. She has pointed out that abstract patterns, alternative metals, lightweight pieces, airy designs and fluid lines are gaining maximum traction these season.