Brands of Water That Find A Place in Your Favourite Cricket Stars Kit

Well, not just food, Many Cricketers are very strict about the water they consume, there are some of the most expensive water brands that carries a place in some of the very Famous Cricketers. Most of us usually hesitate to buy drinking water in any restaurants and movie theatre where its price is hiked by 20-25% but these cricketers are very conscious of the water they consume.

You will be flabbergasted to know the dollars your favourite cricketer or celebrity spend on their drinking water requirement on a daily basis. We would have faced the scenario when you are thirsty but avoid buying a mineral water bottle at multiplexes or high-end restaurants due to almost double or triple prices charged by them. We are sure you will be amazed to know the price of one water bottle consumed our cricketers.

The sportsmen and celebrities are very health-conscious, that is but obvious as their entire career is aligned to their health statement. Moreover, the fact is not hidden anymore that the quality of tap water in India is not a reliable source of drinking water and thus sports celebrities drink only luxurious mineral water. To name the few here we have internationally recognized top luxurious mineral water brands.

  • Beverly Hills 9OH20 Luxury Collection Diamond Edition – $100,000 per bottle
  • Evian – French Luxurious Mineral Brand
  • Fillico – Chess Piece Bottle topped With Gold Crown
  • Bling H20 – Swarovski Crystalized bottle
  • Veen – Freshest and Purest From Finland

The diet plan of our next master blaster of India after Sachin Tendulkar – ‘The one and only Virat Kohli’ is not very complicated. Virat Kohli only consumes high quality and rich food. For him, packed juices and junk food is a big-time No! No! The similar diet plan along with dedication and hard work regime is followed by all other Indian cricketers including our Masterstroke and Spiker- MS Dhoni.

Here we have the most expensive water brands consumed by our Cricketers.

  • Evian The Most Luxurious Mineral Water

Evian is a French company offering naturally occurring electrolytes in its spring water. The unique taste and mineral composition of Evian are adored by our next Sachin Tendulkar – the famous and fitness freak ‘Viral Kohli’. Virat Kohli revealed his secret in one of his interviews, that he consumes mineral water which costs a bomb. Rs 600/per litre, he especially imports Evian mineral water for his daily consumption of water. If we calculate his per year cost spent on his drinking water will be more than 5 lakhs –  or more than $7,300 per year just on water.

We are sure after listening to the amount, you went into a trauma. Wake up we have good news for you, the believer of simplicity the great wicketkeeper ‘Mr. MS Dhoni’ was caught once on the camera drinking Bailey mineral water that cost around Rs 10.

  • Beverly Hills 9OH20 Luxury Collection Diamond Edition

Beverly Hills 9OH20 Luxury Collection Diamond Edition

Beverly Hills 9OH20 is the most expensive mineral water across the globe. It is topping the list of our most expensive water brands and has recognized as the champagne of water. It is designed by a renowned jeweller and comes with a white gold cap -14-karat gold accompanied by white and black diamonds. You will faint if you come to know the price of this luxurious delicious and natural mineral water – $100,000 per bottle which is around INR 6,000,000. This super special and luxurious mineral water may, therefore, be a suitable substitute for our favourite cricketers. One of the Ambanis was caught on camera sipping this most expensive mineral water while watching a cricket match.

  • Buxton Natural Mineral Water

Buxton Natural Mineral Water

Buxton water gets filtered naturally through limestone and gives out the sparkling natural mineral water for 5000 years now. Cricketers get endorsed by many multinational companies for advertising their products. Buxton natural mineral water is a nestle water brand and had signed the famous England cricketer Alastair cook as a brand ambassador, this was back in 2010.

  • Bling H20

Bling H20

One more champagne of water on the top of the expensive mineral water list. As the name sound Bling, it gives a picture of shiny crystal jewellery. Suiting the name of the brand, it is made of Swarovski crystals and is corked like a champagne bottle. It cost Rs 2400/750 ml, which is $40 per bottle. Another expensive mineral water brand to be added to the list of our cricketer’s drinking water requirement.

  • One8

One8 brand owned by the famous cricketer Virat Kohli

  • The renowned One8 brand owned by the famous cricketer Virat Kohli and Cornerstone sport had announced last year, the new portfolio to its One8 brand – bottled water business. Virat launched flavoured and vitamin-packed water bottles under his existing brand One8.

Not only cricketers but also our Indian Bollywood actors spend a bomb on their mineral water consumption. The celebrities import mineral water especially from France, Finland, Canada, Japan, and other international countries. This luxurious mineral water is accompanied by essential minerals, vitamins, and high oxygen levels to make you feel instantly energized.

Some people do not see a need to purchase bottled water at all, while other people are just too conscious of water they drink. Nowadays bottled water at the typical grocery store or convenient store is just a couple of bucks, which is what most people will pay, but the famous cricketers spend a bit more for a name they want, trust, and swear that it just tastes better than cheaper brands. Above mentioned are some of most expensive water brands that are used by some of famous Cricketers in the world.

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