BMW i8: Truly the Future of Cars

BMW i8 is a moving topic. It has literally reinvented the meaning of urban mobility. A sports car that has revolutionized BMW’ vehicle class, i8 is a perfect amalgamation of electric motor and combustion engine. This is the first sports car that matches the consumption and emission values of a regular compact car. This car reflects a new thought altogether – elegant dynamics, maximum fuel efficiency, tough built, and above all, design supremacy.

Design Efficiency

BMW i8 represents modernity and sustainability. The design of the BMW i8 will certainly fascinate anyone who gets a glance of it. It is called innovative LifeDrive architecture that makes use of modern materials, such as carbon fiber, high-end plastics, and aluminium to give the car ultra-light weight, yet superb compactness and toughness. Designed to be a sports car, i8 has perfectly explored its aesthetic side and maximum aerodynamics. It includes the so-called black belt design that runs from the front, over the roof, to the rear.

The exterior of the car is a perfect example of aerodynamics that holds everything is appropriate proportion. If you look at the car, at the first glance it will give an impression of an extremely low and wide sports car; however, a closure look reveals its new vehicle concept. A side view of the car prominently shows its exaggerated wedge shape, layering design, and extremely sporty appearance. The joints meet harmoniously revealing its agility, unification, and holistic design. The spectacular scissor doors swings upwards when opened, further supporting its sports gene. They not only are design marvels, but are 50% lighter than their conventional counterparts are. The entire array of lighting in the BMW i8 is in LED. It contains the typical BMW i U-shaped light frames holding the Daytime Running Lights and the built-in indicator. The high-beam headlight that is arranged as a second broad frame increases the range and enhances illumination.

The Interior design of BMW i8 is seamless. It perfectly supports its exterior sporty appearance. The layer concept in the interior is well maintained. The center console ideally bisects the vehicle and is aligned towards the driver, which contains the iDrive Controller. Seating positions are low and extremely comfortable. The interior light design is again built on LED technology. It alternates between Amber, Blue, and White that gives the interior a special glowing effect, extending from the contour lines of the doors to the instrument panel and end in the footwell through the steering wheel.

While the design efficiency perfectly supports the sporty nature, the TwinPower Turbo technology powers the car. The innovative eDrive technology, a plug-in hybrid system facilitates selecting optimum operating mode. It takes the car on 100% electric to conventional turbo. The TwinPower Turbo technology runs the car together on electric motor and combustion engine at all times.

The design philosophy of the BMW i8 emerged from an attempt to mix athleticism, dynamics, efficiency, and sustainability together. It stared started in 2008 with the launch of Project i. the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept lead the way through to the development of BMW Concept i8, in the next year. Based on this, the existing BMW EfficientDynamics technologies were united to give shape to the revolutionary BMW i8.

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