Black Tie A Gentlemans definition

“Black Tie” is a dress code for events implied to both men and women. In a more traditional way, Black Tie is worn only after 7 PM at the evening for events and functions at night or evening. It’s origin dates back to 19th century high society in the United States and United Kingdom. It is primarily the complete dress ensemble to reflect formal, semi-formal and casual looks depending on the occasion.

A standard Black-Tie collection for men comprises of a Tuxedo or Black dinner jacket, black trousers, white shirt, Bow tie, an optional waistcoat, black socks and a pair of formal black shoes. These can be with wide variations breaking away from conventional or traditional components. In modern times, Black Ties have greater flexibility. A great advantage of Black Tie is that it last long. This is because, they are used only for special occasions and most of the times, they turn out as wardrobe show piece.

While choosing the jacket, the fabric, style and lapel are important aspects to decide on. Per experts Grosgrain silk is a better option to satin for a more elegant look. The ideal design for jacket is having a closed back. It is better to choose jackets with no vents, or only side vents. When it comes to lapel, the ideal one is peak lapel. And the lapel type to avoid is notch lapel. When you choose a shawl lapel, better do it right, because it might give out an awful look if not matched properly.

A Black-Tie shirt is always white. The standard choice is to go with turn down collar. Don’t pair a wing collar shirt with Black Tie, it is exclusive to White Tie. Picking up a pleated or Marcela front is a fancy choice. Wear a double-cuff shirt and blend with elegant looking cufflinks. They should be simple any color among silver, black or white is good.

A fundamental part of a Black tie is the bow tie. The rule to selecting it is to match the fabric with that of the suit. If the suit is made of satin, pick a satin tie, or if suit is made of grosgrain silk, pair it up with a grosgrain tie.

Trousers should have no turn ups. Wear a plain hemmed pair of pants. Pleated is fine, but flat is a modern style statement. Another feature to avoid are the belt loops. The side pockets should be positioned in a straight line with the braid.