Best Wines To Serve And Gift This Christmas

Looking for that perfect wine bottle for Christmas? Here are few best wine bottles that will make a perfect host or hostess gift or holiday present. As research has proven that wine is anti-ageing, prevents heart attacks, helps in blood circulation, and more. Thus, gifting loved ones with wine gift sets considered a caring and beneficial gesture. So pop that cork and enjoy a fun-filled, merry and bright holiday season.

1. Wildflower Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a great festive choice because it’s so versatile. The rich fruit, chocolaty and floral flavors you get from a Pinot Noir mean it is a sweet accompaniment to meat, salty snacks and sharp cheeses eaten throughout the day. Traditional Christmas dinner of turkey or ham is the ideal pairing for this bottling. It's also a fantastic pairing for any vegetarian dishes.

2. Cannonball Merlot

For a nice Merlot winter always seems like a great time. Cannonball Merlot has a creamy oakiness and medium tannins with lots of earthy notes. Being right in the middle of the red wine flavor spectrum, it pairs well with the majority of foods, as long as there isn’t too much spice or dominant flavors to swallow it up. This red wine is an excellent choice for Christmas.

3. Mercana Malbec

You can't go wrong with a Malbec if lean red meat is on the menu. Smooth and rich – we’re not just talking about your gravy. These are the characteristics of Malbec too. Thus, this heavy wine is perfect for lean red meat.

4. Priest Ranch Sauvignon Blanc

Priest Ranch Sauvignon Blanc is lively and crisp, filled with an array of fruit flavors (think melon and passionfruit) and a little vanilla to make it luscious. That's unique for this style, and why the bottle is perfect for a celebration. It very well goes with seafood, so if you are offering a prawn cocktail starter this is the pick for you. It also pairs well with appetizers if you're hosting a casual get-together, as well as oysters, pasta, and green vegetables.

5. Rive di Colbertaldo Prosecco

There's no such thing as too early to start the holiday festivities. Kick off your Christmas brunch with mimosas made with Prosecco. With masses of fresh white peach, orange blossom, and a gentle note of ripe orchard fruits, this is a lovely example of delicious aromatic Prosecco that captures the quality of a brilliant area for growing the Glera grape. Prosecco is an ideal Christmas white wine to serve your guests. It has all the celebration and the theatre of the cork pop, but the soft crisp flavors that work so well with poultry and the array of sides. Working well with fish and of course pasta, it opens up plenty of possibilities for starters or fish courses on the day.

6. Chardonnay

It’s often a safe choice for those that aren’t big wine connoisseurs. Packed full of citrus fruit, crisp and refreshing and is light enough to sit alongside delicate meats including turkey. It has enough richness to work with the dark meat of the legs and enough fizz and lightness to cut through the crispy skin, and the goose fat that adorns your golden roast potatoes.

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