Best Holiday Tablescape Ideas

Do something different with your holiday table decor, whether it be fashioning floral arrangements in unexpected colors, layering patterned plates or toasting with glasses that make a statement. To inspire your creativity, below are some best holiday tablescapes ideas for all of your upcoming occasions.

1. Choose a color scheme: Use the colors over place setting, flatware, linens, glassware and any centerpieces or floral arrangements. Just try and stick to like shades to keep the look chic. For example, transferring traditional Christmas color schemes to your dining table will really envelop your guests in the festivities, and there's something very comforting about using these reds and greens we so associate with December.

2. Add greenery to your holiday tablescape: Be merry with decorative add-ons that channel the outdoors for an extra warm and comforting feel in small amounts – as you don’t want to run the risk of getting too earthy.

Instead, a simple set of wooden chargers, mini bud vases with fresh sprigs, and a few oversized pinecones will do.

3. Consider Textures: A fabric place mat or tablecloth under a round or textured place mat is a simple way to add some style to your table.

4. Opt for elegance: Enjoy a sophisticated moment without stripping back to minimalism. Part of tablescaping, which is often left to the last moment, is the choice of glassware and cutlery. Considering these as you would the centerpiece or lighting make a huge difference in the overall look. Also, rather than relying on your everyday knives and forks, set out cutlery which work with the scheme and, again, lay out pieces for each course in advance.

5. Inject some personality: Tablescaping should be, purely and simply, fun. Not every occasion calls for white linens, pillar candles and antique silverware. For example: In Christmas, consider bringing sunshine to the table by mixing and matching colors and patterns across linens and centerpieces.

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6. Make an everlasting impression: Over the festive season, use a mixture of bud vases with dried flowers, including helichrysum, in warm jewel-like tones. Put larger headed flowers like helichrysum at the neck of the vase and airy grasses dancing on top to create movement without interrupting conversation across the table.

7. Ornament Ode: Both eco-friendly and enduring in design, classic ornaments are a great way to bring a touch of magic to your table. Add traditional charm with festive favourites. Continue the old-school feel with small brown gift boxes tied with fabric ribbon. 

8. Raise a Red Glass: Give your table a fairytale ending with a red colour glass. Red glass place settings evoke a romantic feel. The red color vintage-style glassware impart elegance to the decadent theme – champagne, please! 

9. Gilded Affair: Call on the effortless elegance of the golden era to make your table shine this festival season. A palette of forest green and silvery pink looks timeless with gold and black accents. Start with smart tableware, like these gilded-edge plates with an Art Deco design, and add more touches of gold to complement the theme, from striped champagne flutes to little pinecone name holders. All you need are a few baubles and a couple of candles to finish the look.

10. Moody Blues: There’s nothing more welcoming than having a pretty Fall Harvest wreath, and a whimsical as tablescape decor. The moody blues and soft creams sets the tablescape decor tone. 

I hope you found inspiration from these holiday tablescapes ideas for your next event!