Best Decorating Tips By Top Designers In The Market

Every homeowner wants that their home should look attractive and admired by other people. Thus, in order to guarantee that the interior of your home remains beautiful and elegant, always bring innovations, new concepts and even experimentations in different styles to provide beauty and style to your home. You must be aware of decor trends to make your home decorating looks even more impressive as it will let you know how to compose beautiful, comfortable and stylish interiors, making your home even more attractive. That’s why top designers in the market have selected some of trendiest home decorating tips.

1. Go Bold in Small Spaces: Don't Be Afraid to Go Bold Having a small space doesn't mean it has to be a white box. You can embrace the size of your home by going bold with color. A darker shade of paint on the walls and ceiling can make the space feel like a jewel box.

2. Anchor your room with a Classic: For a wonderful and luxurious look go for something that has a classic look and could translate with any style of architecture or accompanying pieces of furniture. Thus, select something traditional (like an English arm), but put the sofa or chair on legs, or do a more contemporary track arm and pair it with a skirt. These are aesthetic choices, but the right combination can create a timeless, classic piece for your home. You can use accent pillows, statement art and traditional rugs to give a classic touch to your room.

3. Play with Texture: Texture plays a supporting role to the function of the space in your home. This oft-forgotten style solution will instantly make your space more cozy and compelling. Books, velvet, and plants will bring a little hygge to every nook.

4. Mirror your personality: Decorating is all about translating your personality and style into your living space. So fill it with what you love and things that make it easy to live in. Nothing is sadder than going into someone home and not really knows who lives there. If your home lacks personality it is probably yours!

It is so important that my home reflects me and how we live.

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5. Add something organic: Organic, design elements in the home give us the feeling of nature inside our homes. The fact is, we can't live outside, but we can bring a few things in. Living things bring life to a room. Bringing the outside in not only benefits us with a cleaner, healthier environment but natural elements are also aesthetically pleasing beyond measure.

Here are some ideas for you…

·      Moss balls

·      Easy to care plants

·      A bowl or dish of smooth rocks

·      Fresh flowers

·      Driftwood

·      Coral

·      Grapevine balls

·      A bowl of seashells or starfish

·      Big green leaves in large bottles

Thus, with these decor tips can take your own home decor to the next level.