Bentley ‘Limited Edition Barnato’ Pen Series Has Been Created To Celebrate The 90th Anniversary Of The Famous ‘Blue Train Race’

The ‘Blue Train’ Bentley Speed Six

In ‘Blue Train’ Bentley Speed Six car Bentley Boy Woolf Barnato raced and beat the famous Train Blue northwards from the Côte d’Azur to Calais. The achievement was so exceptional that a 2015 re-run by Car Magazine in a Continental GT3-R only just managed to beat Barnato’s average speed set in 1930.

For many years the Bentley that beat the Blue Train was thought to be a Speed Six coupé built by coachbuilders Gurney Nutting. The low roofline and 2+1 cockpit with a single ‘side-saddle’ rear seat gives it a lean, low and purposeful profile; this unique design was cited by Bentley’s design team as one of the inspirations for the modern-day Continental GT.

Blue Train' Facts and Figures:

• Gurney Nutting Speed Six Coupé a one-off design

• Powered by same 180bhp engine as the Le Mans winning Speed Sixes

• Interior fitted with a side saddle single rear seat – and cocktail cabinet

• Achieved 43.43mph between Cannes and Calais on pre-war Routes Nationales

• Controversy over which Speed Six Barnato drove to win the bet

• Barnato and co-driver Bourne reached the Conservative Club four minutes before the Blue Train reached Calais

• Collector Bruce McCaw owns both ‘Blue Train’ Bentleys – the Gurney Nutting and the Mulliner cars

• Bentley was fined for ‘racing on public roads’ and barred from Paris Salon

The “Blue Train Race” is woven into Bentley’s heritage fabric, and Bentley Boy’ Woolf Barnato endures as the icon of this tale. Ninety years on, Bentley’s partner, Graf von Faber-Castell, has created a truly unique set of writing instruments in tribute to this race and to Barnato himself. Not only does their design reflect the decades of performance and elegance that succeed him, but also his handwritten signature imprinted on the cap ensures his authentic presence endures. Bentley and Graf von Faber-Castell have been in partnership since 2018 producing exceptional limited edition pens.

Bentley 'Limited Edition Barnato' pen

·      Bentley is celebrating the 90th anniversary of the famous “Blue Train Race,” the Bentley “Limited Edition Barnato” pen series.

·      Inspired by Woolf Barnato, who plays an extraordinary part in Bentley’s history as one of the original Bentley Boys

·      Each limited edition pen features Barnato’s handwritten signature on the cap, and the barrels are lacquered in his signature green.

·      Exclusively limited to just 1,930 pieces in honor of the year of the “Blue Train Race.”

One of the original Bentley Boys, Woolf Barnato was a three-time Le Mans winner, and also Managing Director of Bentley Motors from 1926-1931, and he lived a life of glamour, speed and adventure. This series features three options – the Fountain pen with a high-quality stainless steel nib; the Rollerball pen with precision point that glides smoothly over the paper; and the Ballpoint pen equipped with a large capacity refill in standard size.

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