Beautiful Scottish Island for sale in Shetland for 250,000 pounds

Linga is a 63.75-acre island, barely 500 meters from West Shetland, Scotland. The nearest village is Walls, north of the isle of Vaila. The location of Linga is at Vaila Sound, connected to Manchester with a weekly route. This island is now for sale at a price of 250,000 UK Pounds. It will be sold by Vladi Private Island, that deals in buying and selling of private islands across the globe.

Image Text 1: The Island 63.75 acre of Linga has ruined cottages, which will be renovated along with a windmill.

Presently, there are two old cottages and farms at Linga, but authorities are planning to establish new cottages, a pier as well as a windmill. A storage shed will be also built along with a reception area. The windmill will be with solar panel. The new blueprint for development also have provisions for septic tanks and reed beds to capture sewage and rain water. Also, the old cottages will be renovated.

Image text 2: Typical Shetland Ponies are famous across the globe.

It was back in 1934 when Linga was inhabited for the last time. At present, there are just 978 people in the nearest village of Walls and Sandess. The island is only accessible by boat, although West Shetland have regular ferry as well as flight services. The place is also a day’s journey by ferry to Aberdeen and Kirkwall of Orkney.

Image Text 3: The nearest populated land to Linga is only 500 meters away.

Linga boasts its beautiful landscape. In summer, the average temperature goes up to 12 degrees, while the lowest winter temperature falls to 3 degrees. Shetland is famous for a special breed of pony. The area also has a special type pf sheep dog called Sheltie. Shetland’s primary economic activities comprise of fishing and renewable energy.

Per Fahad Vladi, owner of the selling agency, people who wants to buy private islands always like the idea of solitary life. He said, such people are a bit different, with a likeness to remoteness and the feeling of loneliness. Vladi added, Scotland does not allow to develop islands and there are limited options for Linga as well. He said, they are only allowed to rebuild what is already there. Since the start of his business in 1972, Fahad Vladi sold more than 2000 islands.