Basic etiquettes a women should follow while holding Handbag

Handbag is an essential part of a women’s body language if she is carrying one. It becomes integrated to her personality, such that the way she holds or keeps it speak louder than her words. Thus, following a handful of strict etiquettes related to handbags is essential for every phenomenal lady.

The first is the way to hold a ladies’ handbag. Always carry your handbag by the left hand. This would leave your right arm free to socialize, shake hands and do other activities. If handbag is with a shoulder strap, always carry it over your shoulder. Also, carrying your bag by your arm is an old fashion. Although, it is not outdated, it practically makes the arm un-operational. While holding a small handbag or a clutch, always hold it with both the hands in front facing the fingers downward. Also, you can hold it by a single hand on a side. Be careful not to put a clutch underneath the pit of your arm.

Table manners associated with handbags include strictly not putting it on the table. It is considered rude and inappropriate. The best place for a handbag is to keep it behind your back or on your lap. Put the napkin above it if you keep it above your lap. If a chair is free, keep the bag there, or look out for a handbag hook, if available. Keeping the handbag on the floor is as inapposite as keeping it on table. There are also popular believes in countries like China that keeping handbags on floor brings bad luck.

Carry a handbag matching its color with your dress. This the reason it is always a good choice to buy standard colored handbags if you are going for highly expensive ones like the Hermes Birkin. Last but not the least is to always carry a clean handbag. Maintain strict cleanliness by wiping it often off dust, tissues and so on. For designer handbags, professional cleaning is a suitable option.